14 signs he is fighting his feelings for you

Keeping things informal, playing video games, and messing around is pretty straightforward for most guys. If you have the feeling that he’s inside you but something is holding him back, take a look at these 14 signs that he’s fighting his feelings for you. They’ll definitely remove things a bit:

1. He strives to impress you:

He wants you to see just the most effective of him, so he will make an effort to just do that. So, be sure to notice if he changes his look a bit or starts using a whole new scent. He will also spring from his strengths, career success, and all the things he’s proud of – not because he wants to brag but because he knowingly or automatically wants to turn you on.

2. He pays attention:

He's careful

It takes your every word. He has in mind something that you arbitrarily stated a few weeks ago that you cannot remember. It will stun you with some information that you have arbitrarily indicated.

3. He has his cold periods:

This is only one of the more painful indicators that he is fighting his feelings for you. He might not know he’s fighting them either. And even if he has a hard time tweaking things and reasoning between what he believes and what he really feels, you might have a harder time because you will definitely feel like he’s playing you. . Trust your intuition. Is this something he inadvertently does or is he playing mind-bending video games?

4. His eyes will certainly be on you:

You will probably feel him staring at him but as quickly as you pull back he will certainly look away. He doesn’t want it to be noticed. Your friends will certainly also see his celebrities and let you know about them. However, when you do speak with him, he will most definitely use long term eye contact and you will have his interest focused as well.

5. He thinks of you:

He thinks of you

Even when you’re not together, he still thinks of you. Random texts, little freebies he picks up that informed him of your presence, even basic things like tagging on social media sites – these are all indications that he is thinking of you when you are not. not here. This is a telltale sign of the deeper sensations he is facing.

6. His concerns are far too individual:

He wants to know everything there is to understand about you. In addition to the arbitrary questions used in small conversations, he will ask some that are deeper. He’ll want to know where you are on certain things, your likes and dislikes, your dating history, etc. It may not always be positive, but he wants to reduce the risk of getting hurt.

7. He cares what you think of him:

Whether intentionally or unconsciously, he’s there to turn you on. It is obvious that he makes an effort regarding his appearance when he understands that he is visiting you and trying to present himself in the best light around you.

8. Other people have noticed your chemistry:

Other people have in fact

You both can assume that you’ve tricked everyone into keeping your flirtations a secret, but the rest of the world can quickly see that you have a connection.

9. He is caring:

Consideration is one of the most common signs that he is fighting his feelings for you. As I have been discussing currently, he will definitely want you to see him in his ideal light, so maybe he will emulate a perfect man. It will certainly open doors for you. He will certainly let you go first. He won’t shower you with expensive gifts, but every little thing he presents to you will come from the heart. It doesn’t have to be anything major, but if it ends with your favorite delicious chocolate, it will definitely be more than enough.

10. He doesn’t have much to say about the guy you’re hanging out with:

He might be poking fun at himself a bit forcefully, but he really doesn’t have anything honest to say about him. In fact, he could have actually told you that you can do better. It’s since he realized that if he can’t be with you, you are worthy of someone amazing. Seeing you dating someone who isn’t compatible with you is almost like a blade in their heart.

11. He takes refuge around you:

While he can make jokes at your expense, they never suggest or are disrespectful. However, whenever someone else does the exact same thing, they are always disapproving and saying something to protect you. It also makes sure that you are safely home, without risk. Whether he wants to admit it or not, he cares about it as well as these little hints just validate that he is fighting his feelings.

12. He finds an excuse to talk to you every day:

He makes an excuse to talk to you everyday

It’s never anything huge. Mostly, he asks you how your day went and if you have any plans for the weekend. He tries to find out a bit more about you while making sure he’s laid back. In secret, he may be hoping you will greet him for coffee or see a movie together. But, you will be the one who has to ask.

13. He uses the “you are like a brother to me”:

If you haven’t done it in any way, but noticed that he really declares your partnership, he’s dealing with feelings. By claiming this out loud, he is trying to gossip without liking you. He couldn’t even understand how much he was saying it, or how doubtful it made him. It’s just his mind in the workplace, trying to reprogram how he feels about you.

14. If you spend time, he can bring friends with you:

He will talk to you all the time, but he always has some buddies to replace him. If he’s not communicating with them at all, then obviously he has something for you. Yet if a person has identified the group of you, they can use the justification that it was not a day. Guys who struggle with feelings always want to hang out with you, but practically regret it after that, as their crush only gets more powerful.

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