22 things you should know about your girlfriend

Here are 22 things you should know about the girlfriend:

1. Exactly how she likes to be comforted:

One of the most satisfying parts of having a lasting partner is knowing that you will constantly have someone to comfort you (and vice versa) during a difficult time. Yet not everyone likes to be comforted in the exact same way, so be sure to ask your mate exactly how you can help them.

2. What does love mean to her:

When a person listens to the expression “I love you”, they are expecting specific things. Getting on the exact same page of what love implies for each other and also expectations that choose what is necessary for the health of the connection.

3. Its underwear dimensions:

While she’s in the shower, experience her underwear drawer, inspect the labels on her nondescript and create them in your cell phone as well. They may seem international to you – a blur of numbers and letters – but the salesperson helping you will recognize those numbers, and also your wife will certainly forgive your nosy when it leads to a whole new pair of cute lace up panties.

4. What days are special for her:

Important appointments

You already know crucial dates like your girlfriend’s birthday and also your wedding anniversary – but making an effort to remember the days they need will make them enjoy much more.

5. What is his favorite meal:

If you understand that your girlfriend loves cookie dough ice cream, you can put an emergency pint in your freezer and also whip it up when they’re having a bad day. You need to recognize what their favorite meals, foods, and restaurants are. Having the ability to knock them out every now and then with her favorite dishes – also desserts will certainly make her satisfied.

6. What she likes and dislikes about her family:

Knowing that your girlfriend has a perspective and insight into her family members bodes well for her mental well-being. This suggests that she has an understanding of the characteristics of her training and recognizes the positive and negative effects of the experience on them.

7. What is her weekly routine:

Understanding what time she needs to wake up in the morning, when she usually comes back, will definitely help you manage your time together, as well as your personal time.

8. Its very popular scent:

perfume she likes the most

The next time you’re at the mall, walk straight into a candle light store. Keep in mind the scents (scents) that she scares, because the majority of women have favored the aromas that they constantly catch (vanilla, fruit, seasoning, musk, etc.).

9. What they believe in:

Understanding what its core ideas are gives you the opportunity to see if your beliefs are straightened out, as this can ultimately be a deciding factor.

10. The song that puts her in the mood:

Tell her you’ve constantly thought about asking a mate to create a “sex playlist” and then allow her to do the growl.

11. What is her favorite sex position:

You need to recognize your partner’s preferred sexual parameters and also what pleases them in bed. However, it’s also crucial to recognize what your girlfriend is not doing, for example in bed: if she is totally opposed to anything rectal, for example, it is probably best that you know this well in advance. .

12. How much she loves their coffee:

know his coffee

It might seem irrelevant, however, making a mental note of how your girlfriend is having her morning coffee will show you that you really care – especially if they’re stressed out and they’re late one day and you present yourself with the excellent cup of joe. If she likes coffee or tea, know what kind of coffee or tea.

13. Whether she is a spendthrift or an economist:

Couples with comparable financial designs and goals will do better than those with big accolades. It is unlikely that a saver and also a spendthrift, an impulse buyer and thinker, or a minimalist and materialistic individual will succeed in the future.

14. His dream getaway:

Buy a bunch of PowerBall tickets when the pot is absurdly high and have her make a list of places she wants to visit if you hit big.

15. Exactly how she likes to recharge her batteries:

Each person charges in different ways: some people need some quiet time alone, while others need a night on the town. Recognizing how much your girlfriend loves to decompress and relax will help you help them out whenever she’s having a bumpy ride.

16. Exactly how she likes to spend her free time:

Along with the free time you spend together, you should also get an idea of ​​what your girlfriend enjoys doing in her spare time. You need to understand how much your partner enjoys spending their non-working hours.

17. What makes her laugh the hardest:

how she laughs the most

There is absolutely nothing more amazing than sharing a sense of humor with your companion. If you understand precisely how to make her laugh and also smile, it bodes well for the future of your relationship. This suggests that you know precisely what are the important things to get her to smile.

18. If she likes surprises:

If you haven’t discussed it yet, go to the same webpage with your mate to see if they like shocks. As a whole, or just when it comes to birthday celebrations, it’s important to understand if a surprise is likely to panic your partner and you should avoid it.

19. His favorite revelations and films:

If you are a couple whose favorite activity is enjoying TV together, there is no doubt that you are currently familiar with each other’s favorite TV shows and movies. Yet, you can also ask about any type of long-forgotten shows she loves, or any of their other “favorites.” You need to know what your girlfriend likes – her color, her coat, her cologne, her genre of music, her popular movies and TV shows. “These are points that you can share with each other.”

20. His favorite book of all time:

Take away all the leg work and recommend that as an experiment you read each other’s favorite book and consider your ideas.

21. What she considers their greatest weakness:

know his weaknesses

If you know what your girlfriend thinks are her weaknesses you will be much better able to help her work on / through them on time.

22. What are his professional goals:

This is a great suggestion for determining their long-term career goals or if they have a surprising need to change their professions for good. If your girlfriend needs to transform her profession or wants to follow her desire, you need to be on board and also support her desire or career selection.

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