6 signs your boyfriend is not sexually attracted to you

Each couple’s attraction to each other increases and decreases during a long-term relationship, which is actually quite typical.

1. He no longer touches you:

It doesn’t always have to suggest sex. Basic movements like kissing, hugging, or maybe just holding your hand indicate that a person is still being brought to you. If he just pulls back when you try to hold him, he’s about to let go of his attraction to you.

2. He chooses masturbation over you:

There is nothing wrong with reveling in a little self-love, but when you recognize for sure that he rejects your advances in favor of self-pleasure, there is a problem.

3. Your body has undergone significant changes:

get fat

While not everyone wants to hear, males are extremely good looking creatures. If you weigh 30, 40, or 50 pounds, your boyfriend or partner might not find you as eye-catching as they did when you first met. The upside is that you might, in fact, be able to rekindle the passion with it if you do something to improve your appearance.

4. I don’t want to sleep with you:

If he’s not even remotely receptive to your sex-related breakthroughs, there’s a good chance he’s tired. Throughout a period of reduced libido, he will still be open to sexual encounters, but they just won’t be as frequent.

5. He usually talks to you:

When he starts treating you like a roommate as opposed to a partner or sweetheart, you must be extremely stressed out. This is often an indication that he has stopped seeing you as sexually related.

6. Your boyfriend has trouble picking him up regularly:

This is one of the most obvious indications that something is wrong with your intercourse. Assuming he is healthy and balanced and in a generally excellent state of mind, there is no reason why he cannot get an erection frequently.

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