7 main reasons why married men do flirt with you?

Men flirt, we all know that. Not all but most of them. Some are shy so they prefer to remain silent. But do married men flirt? And if they do, why? They are already a woman to flirt with. So why are they doing this? In this blog, I will talk about the reasons why a married man flirts with you. What are his intentions and what are the things that prompt him to do this?

In research conducted by David Dryden Henningsen in 2004 on flirting, we see that men tend to consider flirting as more sexual than women. They do this primarily for six reasons: sex, pleasure, exploration, relationship, self-esteem, and instrumental.

The above are the reasons the researcher found, but I conducted additional research and found more interesting reasons. So I have included everything below in Top 7 Reasons Married Men Flirt With Women. And then I covered the 3 responsible acts that make them flirt with you.

Reasons married men flirt:

1. Just for fun, nothing sexual

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The first and common reason as I said above is the flirty nature. Most men do it because they like it. It’s fun to have a loving conversation with your opposite sex. These types of men have no dirty nature. They just like to have fun. These types of men love their wives and can’t think of cheating on them. But not all men are the same. So, you cannot think that all men who flirt with you are pure in nature.

If someone is flirting with you, the best way to find their intention is with their wife. If he has a bad intention, he will try to hide that he is married. Or try to keep his wife from noticing that he’s flirting with you. And if he doesn’t hide it from his wife, look at his wife’s face. His face will tell you if he has a good nature or if he wants something from you.

His wife will be relaxed if he’s just a fun guy. I am not saying this while reading a book. Instead, I have read many forums where men have shared their views on this issue. They confessed that they were flirting with the other woman but just for fun. And their wives also know this thing. So if you find any of these situations the next time around at a party, look at his wife’s face. And you will know the game the guy is playing.

2. He needs something from you

If a man walks up to you and he’s married, he might need something. It could be your money or your fame. If you are rich he wants your money and if you are very popular he might try to get popular through you. There are a lot of other things that can explain why a married man tries to impress you.

3. He wants to go out with you

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This is the most common. If he’s flirting with you, he wants to date you. Maybe you are very beautiful. Or you’re his type. So, it doesn’t matter that you are super hot to be someone’s date. You just need to be a girl and you should have things in common with him that he loves. If he tries to date you, try to walk away from him.

Because it will only use you. He cannot be loyal to you because he is already cheating on someone if they try to date you. And there is a very popular line “Nature never changes”. So, it will be the best decision that you do not entertain these type of people.

4. He wants to sleep with you

Sex is a term we all know but no one talks about it. But that’s one of the possible reasons he’s flirting. He’s flirting now, but if he’s lucky enough to be in bed with you, he’ll never say no. Sex is the ultimate goal of almost every married man who is still flirting with someone. So, be careful because if he is good with his conversational skills he can pick you up very easily.

5. He looks at you as a backup plan

While researching this topic on the internet, I have found that some men flirt to create a backup plan. Suppose one day the man has had a really bad time and his wife is busy working or stuck somewhere. And he needs to express his feelings to someone. Then, in these situations, their backup plan works.

And it’s you if you get stuck with a married person. It’s just a simple reason why a married man creates a backup. There can be many other reasons why it does this. He can use you as a sexual trick. And even worse. So before you get stuck with a married person, think first.

6. Satisfaction with his self-esteem

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This is the general one. Not all married men who flirt with you are mean. Some of them do it just for fun. A single or married man always tests his conversational skills. If he used to impress girls when he was not married, he will definitely put his skills to the test even after marriage. He will check if her charm is still alive or dead after the wedding. And while flirting with you, he’s testing his skills whether it works or not.

7. His relationship with his wife is not good

Not always, but this situation does arise. There are many relationships in this world that are not good. They are still fighting with each other and are not happy together. But they are not allowed to go their separate ways. There may be many reasons for this. But the point is, they are not happy together. So those men who are unhappy with their wives start to look for emotional support outside.

They start to flirt with other women. So any of them can like it. So, maybe he’s the one flirting with you. Now here I can’t judge these types of men as bad guys. Because in our life we ​​all need someone to talk to. Someone who can share all of our feelings. And if he’s looking for one, that’s his right. So, it’s all up to you whether you accept them or not.

But there is one thing clear: if you accept this type of guy as a date, he can never be open about it. Because he does this by hiding from his wife. So you better be away from this type of guy though if you think you can support someone or want to. then it’s all your decision.

Things that attract married men

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I’ve covered all the possible reasons why a married man is flirting with you. But then an even more important question arises why they do it. Or, I say why you always attract married men. I am sure you have many friends who do not face this situation. Only single men approach your friends but only married men approach you.

There should be something that draws married men to you. So, after researching about this, I have the top three reasons why most married men approach you. There may be many more but these are the basics.

1) you show male energy

When married men flirt, they try to play it safe. They don’t want to get caught by anyone. especially their wives. Now you might be thinking about how this relates to male energy and what it is. By saying male energy, I mean a strong character. These women who don’t care about anyone. Those who are not emotional.

When men see this type of character in a woman, they are drawn to him. Because a married man wants someone who doesn’t get emotionally attached to him. And that masculine vibe is what he wanted. These types of women don’t easily get attached to anyone. And it allows them to continue safely.

2) you seem too innocent to be manipulated

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The second character that attracts married men is a sweet and innocent character. So soft that can be easily handled. Like I said above, married men try to play it safe. They don’t want to get caught. And if you’re too innocent, he’ll flirt with you. He begins to think that you will blindly trust him and never ask any questions.

The innocent are easily manipulated and that is what he wants. So you don’t have to be too hard and you don’t have to be too soft. You have to be in the middle if you don’t want them to approach you. This will not completely prevent them from flirting with you, but it will reduce the number.

3) you are married

The ideal target for these men is women who are married but are not satisfied with their husbands. It is the safest and best option for them. So if you are not married then ignore this point but if you are married this point applies to you.

These are the three reasons why you mostly attract married men. If you want to attract single men only, I have something for you. you can learn to attract men and drive them crazy for you here.

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