8 tips to text a stranger girl on WhatsApp without getting blocked

Talking to an unknown girl or a girl that you don’t know much about her, it may be strange or difficult to chat with her on WhatsApp. You can speak to her fluently if you already know her. But keeping her engaged if you don’t know her is an art.

You can chat with unknown girl by hiding your display image, send and delete this message immediately to make her curious about you, showing your talent like singing or dancing.

In this blog, I’m going to tell you for those who accidentally got a girl’s number but don’t know where to start or are afraid to talk to her via text or chat. You may get a girl number by mistake; for this case i will give an example, suppose you save your friend number but mistakenly save a foreign girl number.

I know it is almost impossible to get a foreign girl’s cell phone number. But if you get her number using similar tricks, you’re right to start your new romantic journey if you get the chance.

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Follow the exact same method mentioned below:

1. Hide your display profile (DP):

First of all, you need to hide your profile picture from your WhatsApp account. This is vital because showing your DP directly sends him a message that you are a stranger without wondering; they will block you. It will happen unconsciously; in our society, we regard strangers as the bad guys.

Hiding your profile also makes her curious. And if she gets curious, she won’t block you until they confirm who you are? You just have to use this situation to keep her engaged.

You can add animated DPs if you want to add some.

2. Write a great “About” section:

I know most of you ask me; it is not a dating app where you need to add room information in the About section. But this time you are using this app as a dating app so you need to add some good info or quote in the about section. Don’t just try to add a default About suggestion like “In Meeting”, “Hi! I am using WhatsApp ”or“ Busy ”. Add romantic but not sexy things.

3. Send and delete this message:

send and delete a message

This method will not give an accurate result. You can message this girl and delete this message immediately after sending this message. Try to send her a message if she is not online; otherwise, this method will not work.

After deleting this message, this girl may ask you who you are; you can explain to him that you sent him a message by mistake. After simplifying, say sorry at the end. Sorry, the word is very powerful here. It highlights your image in front of her.

And she’s starting to think you’re not scary. It also proves that you are innocent and that there is no personal intention to send him a message.

You can experiment in two forms of this method:

  • Send it a message first, then delete it immediately.
  • If it doesn’t respond to the above process, you can resend the message.

But if she did not respond in the first method, there is very little chance of responding further. That’s why I warned you earlier if you want to use this method, experiment at your own risk.

4. Upload one of your best photos:

send the best photo

The next step is in his hand. If she likes your conversation or can’t wait to get to know you, maybe she’ll ask for your photo. Be prepared for this method before she asks you to. Send him one of your best photos. Remember, if you’ve made a place for yourself in her mind with your photo, you’ll be safe from a blockage. You heard that famous quote, “ The first impression is the last impression. “

Before sending them a photo, keep in mind that you don’t have to send group images. First, show up on your own, don’t bother.

5. Show your talent:

show your talent

Everyone is an artist in their field. Don’t worry if you’re not in control of your domain. Just show them your inner artist. If singing is your hobby, show her that talent. Don’t think how she will react; you don’t know her and she doesn’t know you. You are a stranger.

This method works like a charm. I have personally tested this method; when i got a girl’s number i sent her my singing audio, and you are surprised to know that she was impressed with my singing and became a good friend of mine. If you’re a dancer, show her video if you’ve already recorded it. Art is an exception that everyone loves an artist, regardless of the size of that artist.

6. Show her you’re busy:

show busy

In the middle of a conversation, she sometimes left the chat. You also have to show him that you are not free either. If she doesn’t leave this conversation, you should be logged out for 10 to 15 minutes. Don’t read or reply to his message too quickly or too late. You have to tell them by showing them that you are working on a project or that you are doing work. No girl wants to befriend these boys who don’t respect their time.

7. Keep it engaging:

Find out about her interest, passion, hobby and engage her in your conversation. You can even joke with her. Being funny through conversation is a great thing to interact with any girl. Most girls like funny guys don’t want to spend their time with boring and serious guys.

Being funny, with the topic interacting, makes for a perfect conversation. If you want to learn how to text like a pro, you can try our suggestion because communication is one of the most important things in any relationship.

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8. Be polite, calm and patient:

have a little political patience

Keep in mind that you should maintain your politeness and patience until the two of you become friends. It doesn’t mean to be rude after becoming his friend. At some point, she will behave rudely but respond to his rudeness with love and humility.

If she wants to become your friend, she will surely change her tone; if not, leave this girl, you will have a better one in the future. Having a girlfriend is essential in life, but forgetting about self-respect is not a good option. You can make a beautiful girlfriend according to your choice.

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