9 surprising reasons why your girlfriend doesn’t want to kiss you.

A relationship is such a beautiful thing that cannot be explained. But that is only when everything is working well. But if your relationship isn’t going the way it should, a relationship can be a most depressing thing.

So, today I am going to talk about one of the common issues in a relationship that many couples face. And that’s the question of a kiss. We often see that women do not prepare to kiss. It’s a very small thing but still, they don’t come easily.

Women only kiss them or form a physical relationship with those they trust. So, if a woman isn’t ready to kiss you, you need to do more work to gain her trust.

In fact, this is not the only possible reason. So, I selected 9 most common reasons why a woman is not preparing to kiss a man. So, if your daughter is not going to kiss you, then one of these reasons could be a reason.

1. She is not yet ready

woman saying no

The first possible reason is that she isn’t ready to kiss you yet. By that I mean you have just started your relationship and your relationship has not reached the stage where it will prepare to kiss you. So, in that case, wait and give it some time. Let her know a bit more and when she gets a confirmation about you, she’ll kiss.

But if your relationship is more than 3 months old, it isn’t. 3 months are enough for a relationship to pass to the kissing stage.

2. She has never kissed anyone

The second reason is that she has never kissed anyone. And if so, the whole game is in your hands. Now it all depends on how you handle it. It is your responsibility to make her feel comfortable to kiss you. If you ask me “Sam, what should I do in this situation”. Then I will say to go with the process step by step.

Follow the steps below if you want to continue your kissing problem.

  1. Start with a kiss on the head. Just kiss her on her head when you enter an emotional time. When you kiss a girl on her forehead, she gets the message that you care about her.
  2. Then kiss her chick one day. By this you are sowing your tree to kiss. This chick kiss will lead you to the French kiss.
  3. Now give her a light kiss on her lips another day. Just touch your lips with it and take it back. If his reaction is good, it means you’ve hit the ground and only the last step remains.
  4. Now this time just for another light kiss but don’t come back this time. Start kissing her lips. You can learn how to kiss here. And keep enjoying the moment. If you followed the step above, there is now less chance that she will say no this time.

3. You try to kiss her when people

fuck in public

Hey, if you fall into this category, it’s not his fault. You also need to take care of his feelings. If she isn’t comfortable kissing in a public place, you shouldn’t force her.

Instead, she chose a private location. The best place is at home or in your car. Here she will feel more secure and she will definitely kiss you.

4. You never show him your emotional angle

Women are emotional. They make every emotional decision. So if you think about it, without going into an emotional angle, you can get it all, it’s a bit difficult.

Yes, it is possible but the chances are rare. So if you want to kiss her and get into her heart, show her your emotional angle. Show him how much you love him.

5. She is not yet seduced

In fact, a kiss also requires seduction. So if you try to kiss her without going into a romantic zone, you’re doing it wrong. You have to seduce her.

If she isn’t seduced enough, she won’t be ready to kiss you. To seduce her, you can try to flirt. Do something romantic that will make her romantic and finally lead you to your dream of fucking.

6. You are a dead kisser

Enjoy the moment of fucking

Do you know who kisses the dead? Someone who kisses like death. I mean, when you kiss her, you don’t show any excitement, emotion, or flirtation. If you just kiss her like you’re a corpse, you’re kissing dead.

Kissing isn’t just about touching two lips. It is that moment when you share your emotional and physical moment. So you have to show him that you are alive. Show some reactions, show some movements.

7. You keep your lips dry while kissing

It sounds small but a very common reason why a woman might say no to kissing you. If your lips are dry as paper, no one can take advantage of your lips. If you want a girl to kiss you, keep your lips hydrated. Use lip balm to keep your lips soft. Because soft lips attract kisses.

8. Your mouth smells like a gutter

When you go for a kiss, your mouth should smell fresh. Don’t go for a kiss, chew food in your mouth. Your mouth should be cool and for this you can clean your mouth with water. Then use a mouth freshener to make it cool. Just be so sexy that she can’t resist.

9.you are very bad at the kissing game

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Now this is the last but the most important. If you’ve ever kissed your girlfriend but now she says no to kissing, chances are you’re bad at kissing. Your kissing game is very bad. We all know that the first impression is the last impression. And if she refuses to kiss you after kissing you for a while, that means there’s something wrong with you.

If you don’t know how to kiss, you should read our article on kissing. I am confident that after reading this article your kissing game will improve a lot. So, start reading the kiss blog and be a kiss master.

Learn how to kiss here: How to kiss someone for the first time? 13 steps to a good kiss?


So, I’ve covered all the reasons your girlfriend isn’t getting ready to kiss you. A kiss is your right if you are in a relationship with someone. But if she doesn’t prepare for it, you can break up with him.

It is absolutely your right. If she doesn’t agree with that, go find a new girlfriend on the best dating site on the internet. Find someone who cares about your feelings and your needs.

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