Can a woman feel when a man ejaculates inside her vagina?

During sex, women and men are aroused and their erogenous zone is active. After having sex, when a man ejaculates semen into the vagina, most women can smell it with every drop because semen is hot in nature, and it is amazing for most women as that their vagina becomes more sensitive.. While most women cannot feel the semen in her vagina, it is because their vagina is already wet, but sometimes they feel hot with semen. They feel something warm liquid entering their vagina.

You may need to think here why women can feel every drop of semen fluid and why most women don’t, there are many factors responsible for this, let’s each find:

1. Sensitivity of the vagina

A woman’s body becomes more sensitive when she is aroused and has sex. Her vagina becomes more fragile and erect during sexual arousal. The labia and clitoris of a woman’s vagina swell, and the vaginal walls fill with blood in a process called vasocongestion, which is very similar to the way blood enters the penis during an erection. This process is great for most women.

A woman’s vagina becomes lubricated or slippery by the passage of fluids through the vaginal walls. During sexual arousal, chemical changes occur and their vagina makes it more alkaline and less acidic. It is the main factor responsible for the sensation of semen in the vagina of women. It is essential for women to become sexually aroused when their partner has inserted a penis into their vagina; if a woman is not aroused, it is very difficult to smell the drop of semen.

2. Penis size and circumference:

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Most women say they only feel semen in her vagina when her partner’s penis size is large. This can be due to a large penis which can fill all the space in the vagina and can also make a woman very sensitive. Most women say they feel more semen when they have a large size and large penis girth compared to the average penis size.

3. Amount of semen during ejaculation:

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The amount of semen when ejaculating in a woman’s vagina is one of the most crucial factors that women can talk about, they clearly say that if their partner ejaculates an extra amount of semen in her vagina, they feel hotter and smoother than this ejaculate a few drops of semen fluid.

4. Type of sperm:

Due to the hot and sticky nature of semen, most women report feeling semen inside her vagina. Semen has a hot temperature because the human body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius, and semen is also of a sticky liquid nature, which sticks to the vagina when a woman becomes sexually aroused. This might be one of the reasons they smell semen in her vagina.

Causes of not feeling semen in the vagina:

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Most women cannot smell semen because of:

  • Their vagina is not tight: Some women say that they cannot feel semen in her vagina because their vagina is very loose. This condition can suffer from those women who usually have sex with a lot of partners in one day, and their job is to have sex with a lot of partners.
  • Their vagina is not sexually aroused: Most women have sex with a partner without being sexually aroused. In this condition, you may need to try foreplay as it is very beneficial for women as foreplay can make a woman’s vagina wet.
  • The penis size is average: Some women claim that they do not feel semen in her vagina due to the average size of a partner’s penis. But don’t be afraid if you are male and you have a medium sized penis as not all women, only some women claim it because everyone is different and that is the reason why their shape and their bodily sensations are also different.
  • If your partner wears a condom: Approx, all women have this problem if your partner wears a condom, how can you feel the semen inside your vagina if you put a condom on the penis?
  • The vagina is already: Most women do not feel the semen in their vagina because their vagina is already wet, but they sometimes feel the heat of the semen liquid.
  • Position also matters: Most women do not feel the semen in her vagina in all positions and they mostly feel in the spoon position. They don’t feel in any position like the missionary position. This indicates that the position is also important for smelling semen in a woman’s vagina.

Let’s listen directly to these women who have lived it and feel it in their vagina:

  1. I feel like my vagina doesn’t have the spidey detecting other people’s doing. I don’t feel its peak, and I don’t feel any type of penile spasms. I feel him propel differently. However, this is the only telling indication. I believe this is because I am generally very humid so I do not observe any type of additional moisture. (source)
  2. Truth be told, it looks like a pulse or a jet, but not like “wetness.” I can’t assess humidity levels with my vaginal canal alone lol. It’s incredibly comfortable, so I can really smell it, but not the humidity. (source)
  3. Yeah, I was under the perception of dots on the net that when it entered me, I would definitely see. No nothing at all. I then felt him orgasm as he had an orgasm best on one of those “spots” at the front of the vaginal area (one point? Is the other called?). The very first time, I really didn’t know he had semen either.
  4. I can really feel the “ spasms ”, but only in specific contexts, especially when we are spooning. I never feel it as a missionary. I can’t really smell the real ejaculate from the condoms. I am interested to see if I am sensitive enough to handle it after a vasectomy. (source)
  5. The tighter he cums, the easier it is to really feel. My first baby, I could feel it for sure, but it was also the guy hitting the ceiling when he masturbated off the bed. My current boyfriend doesn’t shoot; he’s even more of a dribbler. I don’t feel her orgasm specifically. However, I can tell exactly how hard his penis is when it comes, by the noises it makes, and by the exact way its thrust adjustments. (source)
  6. Yes. There is a change in temperature level because having an orgasm is actually comfortable. Likewise, the dots often tend to get really sticky. (source)
  7. Yes. I keep in mind the first time we gave up on prophylaxis and it entered me. I think everyone’s experience is different; however, that very first time seemed like I actually got pissed off for lack of much better words. I hadn’t been somewhat prepared for this. Currently, I appreciate it. (source)
  8. Not if he’s using a prophylactic. I also can’t really feel the penis throb if he puts on a condom.
  9. Typically * I can really feel some kind of expansion the moment before he has an orgasm, then I can feel the pulse and throb afterwards. On extremely, very few celebrations I have really felt the real ejaculation. In fact, I just had the ability to handle it when it pulled really hard against my cervix or my old fornix. (source)
  10. Honestly, I wouldn’t have the ability to relax enough to cum if I was worried about the mess I might leave. Likewise, we both have several physical ailments, so while we’re definitely passionate about it once we’re there, we’re not quick on the start. “The heat of the moment” takes a little planning. (source)
  11. Depends on the session, sometimes yes or no. If we have been there for a while (30mins +), I am “used” to its existence. So the heat, climax or convulsions are nonexistent… where I actually had to ask him if he was done, haha. Quickies are the opposite. The adrenaline rush, along with the short time, implies that I can feel the whole climax. Constantly amazing. (source)
  12. The very first article I saw on ADRENALINE THRILL. without a doubt, when it’s excellent and rough, so it comes faster, I’m still extremely tight and also sensitive, and I get a rush / high when it shoots. (source)
  13. I feel the thrusts much deeper as well as often a small rap, but I usually don’t really feel an orgasm until it’s gone, and gravity has started to kick in as well. Often times it’s just a little extra moisture around the vulva, but once my hubby came so much he sank on my knee like Japanese hentai. It was an intriguing night. (source)
  14. I can feel him in several different ways, over and over, of his head getting harder just before he cums, which makes him feel a lot deeper inside me only to feel him, in fact, having an orgasm. (source)
  15. I think it involves a selection of variables. The vaginal sensitivity, the amount of ejaculate a man ejaculates, the force with which he ejaculates and the size, as well as the circumference of the penis (I also feel it if it is closer to my cervix, and a bigger penis allows me to think more of the “pulses”), All come into play. I can DEFINITELY feel my guy. However, he has a huge penis and also orgasms with a little force, with a lot of orgasms. I’m also incredibly tight and delicate there too, sometimes too much (identified with an issue that causes overactive nerves and also vulvodynia, as well as average to petite men have actually said I’m incredibly tight). It never fails to make me cum again if I’m still “close” when he cums. (source)
  16. Some say yes, some say no. Some just claim the pulsating orgasm, and some say both. Personal experience, my ex can feel both, and as mentioned before some men are shooters so maybe it has something to do with it. I take a seat to be one of those to make sure it probably has something to do with it. A fun, arbitrary story for the comedic relief that this thread reminded me of, I was with a girl as well as I went out and uh… I lost control of my goal… You should have seen the sight on his face. “What in the world? I’ve never seen anything like it go. Not even in pornography. I stayed saying sorry, laughing and tidying the surface of the wall. (source)

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