Do girls like anal? Proven answer by U.S. studies

For some women, anal sex can be a wonderful room enhancement. One of the more extreme climaxes actually involved a combination of simultaneous vaginal penetration, clitoral arousal, and butt play.

The secret is to have a patient partner who they rely on. Oh, as well as a lot of lube. Women should be completely relaxed, lubricated and ready. So even then, often it just doesn’t work. As a rule of thumb, some women say that you can never have such a great point. However, size can also be an issue.

Top Confession Of Women Who Have Had Anal Sex?

  • the conventional part is that it’s not a good idea. We still feel worried, and it also hurts, but the climaxes are beyond remarkable!
  • Women are always pissed off when they assume they’ve ordered routine bacon. Still, somehow they get a bit of turkey bacon tossed in it.
  • You will find that there are two kinds of people on the planet: people who like turkey bacon and people who don’t. You are a woman who does nothing. “
  • Sometimes you consume it, but you don’t really enjoy it.

How many women have tried rectal sex?

Information from nationally representative US studies suggests that just over a third of adult women aged 25 to 44 report having had anal sex with a man at least before, and concerning a fifth. of women of this record age to have done so throughout the past year. These numbers have actually increased dramatically over the past two decades. For example, if you look at data from a national study from the 1990s, you’ll see that about one-fifth of women reported ever having had anal sex. And also less than a tenth said they had done so in the past year.

Do women like anal sex according to the survey?

There seems to be a common assumption that women may not like receiving rectal sex. As an example, consider this finding from a 1987 study of women’s gender attitudes: “rectal sex is (like rape) a sex-related activity in which women sometimes engage but rarely rejoice.” Whoa. There are a lot of incorrect points to keep this sentence! For a point, rectal sex at rape is extremely problematic. To say that rape is “rarely enjoyed” is also worse. Because it’s like saying that women don’t like to be raped all the time.

Everyone is not the same:

They like it in some cases. This is not OK. Nonetheless, I think this line illustrates a favorite view of receptive anal sex: no one in their best mind desires to do it on purpose, and also if they do, they are definitely not likely to like it.

In contrast, the study recommends that many women actually enjoy rectal sex and gain sexual pleasure from the feelings that support it.

Result of the investigation:

Regularly with these results, think of a current national survey that found that among women who had rectal sex throughout their last sex-related event, 93.5% reported having a climax. In comparison, 65.9% of people who had vaginal sex reported orgasms and 81% of those who received oral sex reported orgasms. Now, that doesn’t necessarily imply that rectal sex itself creates additional orgasms. Since the women who reported having had rectal sex in this research, also reported participating in several other sexual activities during this occasion.

Of course, it is vital for stress and anxiety that not all women enjoy rectal sex. Indeed, some women report that the experience is excruciating and unpleasant.

Therefore, it is not a universal pleasure. Unlike the vaginal canal, the rectum is not self-lubricating as a result. Trying rectal sex without the help of any type of artificial lubricant is likely to produce discomfort. And can also lead to rectal tears.

Last word:

The answer is yes or no both. Since everyone is different, it depends on the different nature and spirit of women.

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