How can I increase my breast size naturally after 20?

Before looking for this question on how to increase your girlfriend’s bust size, you might need to ask her if she is interested in increasing her breasts or if you want her to grow her breasts because a lot of girls love the size of their breasts, whether her breast is small or large. They feel very anxious about large breasts and have a lot of weight. If your girls want to increase her breast size, then there are many ways to increase your girlfriend’s breast size like exercise, use pills, use breast enlargement cream, use massage, use surgery, use the device , improve your diet.

And if your girlfriend wants to have bigger breasts without making them bigger, there are other ways like she can use makeup or wear a bra (push up bra recommended) to make it look like she has a big breast. Let’s explore each method and find the one that works best for your girlfriend:

1. Use of exercise:

breast exercise

One of the safest ways to increase breast size is exercise. There are no side effects from exercising if your girlfriend is doing it the right way. But expecting alone with exercise cannot be guaranteed as there are a lot of factors that depend on it such as genetics, hormones and estrogen etc. Using proper technique and taking the right amount of food can help a lot, but don’t push too hard to avoid injury.

There are seven exercises she can follow and do each day to help grow big busts such as wall presses, arm hoops, arm presses, prayer pose, horizontal chest press, chest press extensions, modified pushups. You can learn how to do it the right way by clicking on How to Grow Your Girlfriend Breast Naturally?

Don’t expect that exercising in the right way will work immediately, and don’t wait for the result quickly.

2. Using pills for breast enlargement


Breast enhancement pills can increase one’s breast, but also depend on person to person. In most of the pills, the company claimed that the breast enlargement pills use herbs, that is, estrogen can help increase the size of girls’ breasts in most cases.

There is no proof so far that the herbs used in the pills are safe or not. The company claimed that the breast enlargement pills consist of the combination of Blessed Thistle, Dong Quai, Fennel Seeds, Fenugreek, Hops, Pueraria Mirifica, Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam, and bovine ovary extract.

3. Use of surgery:

breast surgery

Breast augmentation or surgery is the method of breast enhancement of female body parts using the insertion of saline or silicone implants. It can get expensive – an estimate of at least $ 4,000 without including installation costs, anesthesia, or peripheral expenses, such as clothing. It may cost more than you think if you add up each value. If your girlfriend isn’t that rich, it’s not for your girlfriend.

Not only are the costs of the surgery a problem, but their risks that you and your girlfriend cannot ignore. There are significant risks if you are going to operate on her breast. Surgery can carry the risk of scarring, infection, implant rupture, wrinkling of the skin, breast pain, and many other risks.

4. Use a good diet:

If your girlfriend improves her daily diet by taking food is milk, consider cow’s milk, nuts, green vegetables, seafood like shrimp, oysters, shellfish, seeds, extract Fenugreek seeds, chicken, fruits like berries, cherries and blueberries can improve one’s breast. lot. By combining proper diet and exercise, increase your daughter’s breast.

Eat fatty foods:

As you know, breasts are made up of fatty tissue. Breasts appear only when the girl can gain body fat. Your girlfriend can increase her breasts by eating fatty foods like olive oil, nuts, cheese, avocados, yogurt, and granola.

Eat foods rich in estrogen:

Estrogen is a healthy female sex hormone that can help increase breast size. Your girlfriend can increase natural estrogen by eating foods like pumpkin, garlic, kidney beans, lima beans, chickpeas, eggplant, flax seeds, and squash. Soy is another best example for increasing one’s own estrogen levels and helping in breast growth. If you want to see results, try soy milk, soy nut butter to see results.

Take protein:

Getting protein every day is one of the best ways to increase breast size. You can gain protein by drinking more milk and eating more eggs, peanut butter, lean fish, chicken, and nuts. Protein can make her breasts softer and more rounded.

Avoid foods rich in testosterone:

As you know, testosterone is the male equivalent of estrogen, which decreases breast growth. You can avoid foods such as high carbohydrate foods like chips, crackers, white rice, and baked goods to reduce testosterone production in your body.

Drink a mixture of papaya and milk juice daily:

Some research has shown that one of the best ways to improve breast growth is to drink a mixture of papaya juice and milk. Papaya and milk help plump her breasts as long as she drinks the mixture daily without a gap.

5. Using breast enlargement cream

Creams for breast enlargement

The breast enlargement cream helps to increase the fatty tissue of the breast and makes your overall breast size growth. Phytoestrogens are natural herbal estrogens that are responsible for increasing existing estrogen in the body and improving your bust size. Breast Enlargement Cream promotes the increase of fat cells in your breast, which allows the breast to retain existing fat cells for fuller, firmer and happier breasts.

6. Using breast massage:

Breast massage stimulating the tissues of the breast and the lymphatic system. It has huge advantages for self-massage. Massaging the breasts can increase oxytocin levels. By activating many good effects to boost breast strength and give your breast the perfect shape.

Breast massage not only helps improve the breast but also helps prevent breast cancer because when a girl massages her breast it releases oxytocin and reduces premenstrual syndrome (PMS) which usually occurs after 40 years. in a woman. It can boost self-confidence in a woman and also helps relax your brain from stress or anxiety.

7. Using Brava:

Brava is a breast suction device that helps increase breast size. Researchers show that it helps increase a girl’s breasts to an increment of one or more cup sizes, but sizes vary from girl to girl. It can cost up to $ 900 minimum. You can see the results within ten weeks.

8. Using our recommendation:

If you get confused with the above breast enlargement method and can’t decide which one will work for your girlfriend? And you and your girlfriend want a guide that provides a step by step guide to enlarge your breasts in a month through the completely natural process; I recommend you check out Boost your Bust by Jenny Bolton. Why I suggest this product to your girlfriend because Jenny Bolton is dealing with the small breast situation and first works to increase her breast size from a cup to a C cup. Jenny Bolton is female and understands quickly your girlfriend’s problem.

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