How long does it take a man to know he wants to marry you

Marriage is a very big decision. It is one of those choices that can change your whole life. So if you want to know how long it will take to decide it, there is no exact answer. The timing of marriage depends on the personal bond between you and him. If you really understand each other, it’s already decided. And if there is anything left, the timing of the wedding can be anything.

I am a man and I know how it goes. Our feeling changes over time and the emotional factor with the girl. If he’s thinking about marriage now, chances are he’ll say no after a while. Or, if he says no, but after a while, he may be coerced into marrying you. I just want to say it’s totally under your control. How you are with him. So, here we are going to look for many ideas. How long does it take to identify yourself? Signs that he wants to get married, you are not. And what you can do to prepare it. 😉

How long does it take for a man to know he wants to marry you?

Like I said, there is no specific time for this. But you can say that on average we take almost a year. But don’t stick to that number. It can prepare even instantly or it can take years. This timing varies from man to man and his intentions and personal situations.

Have you ever heard of the word “arranged marriage”? If you know this word, you already know that it is an instant marriage decision system. If this is the case, the man hardly takes any time to decide on the marriage. And there are also many cases where it takes years. So if you are already in a relationship, there are many factors that matter here. How long have you been? How’s your chemistry with him? What is the level of trust between you guys?

So if you’ve been dating him for a few months, I will tell you to give him some time. It’s a very big decision and let him take his time. But if you’ve been together for years, there is something wrong. So now is the time to take action. Try to find out what he wants. Next, I’m going to show you some signs that he doesn’t want to marry you. Go match them with him to find out what he wants.

Signs that he doesn’t want to marry you

a) He finds excuses why he cannot marry you

If he doesn’t intend to marry you, he will always give you an excuse for it. But the truth is, if a guy wants to marry you, he’ll find a way for it. If he wants you in his life, problems don’t matter to him. And if he finds excuses, you have to think about it.

b) He never wants to get married

In a long list of excuses, this is one of the most important. Because this excuse goes directly to the root of marriage. If he wants to be single his whole life, how can you force him? And if you force it, you will be called a means. So don’t fall for this trap. This directly means that he will not marry you.

c) He changes the subject every time you talk about marriage

If we humans don’t like the idea of ​​something, we try to jump to the other trail. And he does the same. He will do everything possible to change the point of marriage. He will try to distract you in any way he can. In this case, he is ready to talk about any subject in this world other than marriage.

d) He is afraid of commitments

Those guys who don’t want to get married, you never commit. He does not want to commit because after all, we cannot blame him that he is wrong. If he never commits to anything, how will you say we plan the wedding? So if he never commits, be vigilant. It could be a bad sign for what you want.

If these things match with your man, it means that he does not intend to marry you. But don’t be disappointed, I have something for you that can change the whole outcome. And if none of them match, that’s a good sign. Now is the time to check if he is neutral or interested.

Some signs that he wants to marry you

How to decide whether or not he is ready for marriage

1) He makes future plans

If your man likes to talk about the future with you, chances are he’s thinking about marriage. He can tell you will go when you are old. How you and his mother are going to fight and he is going to handle everything. Something like these little thoughts. If he says that sort of thing, be happy. It’s good news. 🙂

2) He talks about future children

Has he already said what his child’s name will be? How many children does he want? How many boys and how many girls? If he says how he’s going to play with these adorable little buddies, chances are he wants to marry you and you want these little kids.

3) He’s planning a new house

If your man has ever told you about a house he’s considering, then he’s thinking of you. He says how many rooms will be there. A kitchen for you where you will cook and he will see you. A well-appointed shower where you will bathe together. Separate bedrooms for children. Whatever it is. But the good thing is he’s serious with you.

4) he wants to introduce his parents to you

Has your boyfriend ever tried to introduce you to his parents? If he does, he wants to marry you. He wants you and his parents to familiarize yourself. Because he wants his family to live forever with love, peace and harmony. So, respect his feelings and accept his personal proposal.

5) miss you all the time

If you miss you all the time and always ready to talk to you, he wants you. You mean a lot to him, that’s why he always thinks of you. He calls you in the office, in the bedroom and in the bathroom. He thinks of you everywhere and cannot imagine his life without you.

6) He only sees you

If you move around a room. And there are a lot of sexy girls in theirs. But you guys only see each other with love. So this guy is really in love. And he will do his best to live with you. You are the prettiest woman in the world for him. And he will definitely marry you.

7) He shares all his thoughts with you

Men never share all of their thoughts with everyone. He tries to hide them and share them with only a few. And these few are very special to him. So if you are on the list of those few, this is the best thing for you. You are someone he trusts a lot. And so he has no problem marrying you. You can be good friends too, but at least the chances are you’ll get married.

8) he wants to meet your parents

Did he ever say he wanted to meet your parents? If he said this sentence, he is thinking of marriage. First, he wants to get acquainted with your parents. So that he could easily ask for marriage.

9) He’s trying to figure out the size of your ring finger

You know wedding rings are made for the ring finger. 😉
And if he’s trying to figure out the size of your ring finger, he’s thinking of making one for you. And I think you already know what that means. So go celebrate, it’s time to be happy. And don’t forget to invite me. 😉

10) He buys you gifts for no reason

Does he always buy you gifts for no reason? If he does, that’s a very good sign. He thinks he’s investing in you and he’s the same. He truly accepts you with all his heart and always wants to make you happy. I don’t mean if your boyfriend doesn’t give you any gifts, he doesn’t like you. This is only a sign. And it is not compulsory.

11) he already said he wanted to marry you

What could be better than a clear indication? It is better that he has already said that he wants to marry you. Now you have a direct and clear sign that he wants you in his life.

Last word:

If you want to get married I am 100% sure you will be. When the time is right. Instead of rushing through the process, delight in getting to know the man you love. When the two of you are ready, and also when these pretty celebs line up, you’ll have a wedding – as well as a wedding – to never forget.

But like I said, I start to change the mind of this man from time to time and through your actions too. So if he’s ready for marriage now, don’t feel too sure he’s fixed now. He can change. Or, he is not ready for marriage. Then I have something for you that you can control the mind of any man. Here you will find all the secrets of the human mind and how to control them.

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