How to be a good friend? 11 Ways to make your friendship long-lasting.

Being a boyfriend isn’t always easy, but taking the time to nurture a lasting relationship is worth every ounce of the effort. Good friendships provide strength, joy, and meaning in methods that social media or the pursuit of attraction cannot. Whether you want to make new, quality friendships or improve your existing ones, there are things you can do to be friends with others.

1. Stop criticizing or blaming them for everything.

Stop criticizing

You feel like nothing is your fault and you are always right. Whatever harm is due to them. You start to let them know, even non-verbally, what you think about the situation. This is how you lose your friends.

2. Keep your promises

to promise

Never make a promise you can’t keep or at least don’t make a habit of it. If you say you are going to be spending time with a friend and a real dispute develops, describe the circumstances. If you just can’t go, give your friend a gift and apologize. No one is ideal, and it’s fine if you have to break a promise in a blue moon, but don’t make it routine. You will likely be considered untrustworthy if this is repeated over time. If you’ve promised a friend something important, keep a promise and don’t run the risk of losing a friend.

3. When to be serious in friendship

When it’s time to come of age, you get to work. No nonsense. No cheap effort to be fun to avoid real problems. You could chat every now and then and that’s fine. It’s natural. Instead of trying to divert attention away, be mature.

There are times to mess around, however, it becomes tiring for others if you don’t understand how or when to turn it off. If you can’t, how can others trust you enough to share essential things with you?

4. Be sorry when you made a mistake

If you want your friends to trust you, you can’t pretend you’re perfect. If you know you’ve gone wrong, accept it instead of being rejected. Your friends won’t be happy that you made a mistake, they will be really happy that you are mature and grounded enough to admit it rather than just pretending nothing is wrong, or worse blaming someone else.

5. Introduce them to others.

Whether they want to start socializing with these new people for the long haul is up to them to choose. In truth, it doesn’t matter if they do. Fun is what you are aiming for here.

Your social circle may be tightly knit, but there is always room for growth. Introduce them to people they don’t understand just to reveal that you’re not afraid to be seen around them. Remember, you want to be proud to stay with them in public.

6. Be honest

If you want to be a good friend and people trust you, you have to be sincere about your feelings, the actions of your friends, how you feel about your friendship. Don’t hesitate to talk about it, If your friend is hurting you, Don’t feel too shy to tell your good friend about it, If something is bothering you

7. Show that you are happy with them.

show you are happy because of them

It is easy to tell a dishonest person. “Wow, I’m so thrilled for you,” with a non-enthusiastic face isn’t very convincing. Be invested in their successes and show in your facial expressions that you are truly delighted.

8. Be faithful

If your friend confidently tells you something, keep it and tell no one else, as you expect your friend to do for you. Don’t talk about your boyfriend behind his back and don’t spread rumors about his confidences. Never say anything about your good friend that you wouldn’t put on their face. Be devoted to your true friends and be prepared to stand up for them if your new friends, or people you barely understand, start chatting about them.

9. Don’t use people as things

If among your friends presume that you are just using them, they will drop you like a hot potato. Good relationships don’t develop with the expectation that another person’s attraction or networks will rub off on you. If you try to be friends with someone just to fit into a particular inner circle, it is not a relationship, their opportunism and ultimately the superficial nature of your involvement will show.

10. Listen to them

Listen to them when they talk, don’t try to always say in front of your friends. Sometimes listening to your friend makes you feel good.

11. Keep in touch

Life goes on and everyone has their own thing to do. Of course, choosing where you end up can be easy for you, however, losing touch altogether is just as easy. It takes effort, especially when there is a lot of physical reach, to maintain a great relationship. It’s a relationship that makes both parties work.

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