How to deal with long-distance relationships sexually frustration?

Sometimes not having sex in a long-distance relationship can drive even the healthiest person crazy. Below are some beneficial ways to avoid sexually frustrated long distance relationships.

Try video chats:

Using video chats to express your sexual desire for each other can seem a bit awkward at first (especially when the video freezes or the connection is cut), but if you don’t take it as seriously. , it’s actually a lot of enjoyable.

Learn to use your words:

Whether it’s sexting, emails, compound letters, Skype sessions, or phone sex, learn how to use your words and use them. Sure, it might sound silly at first, but find words or ways to communicate that are meaningful to you. Being able to share how horny you are and what you want to do to / with your partner – also in a submissive way – can make all the difference.

Have meeting evenings:

You might not be able to get together for dinner, a movie, and sex personally, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it over the phone or video chat. It’s great to recognize that you have a certain time or an hour each week where, whatever it is, you will communicate. It gives you something to look forward to, and every partnership can benefit.

Find out how to have sex on the phone:

Sexting is most certainly warm, but hearing your partner and hearing you talk dirty is even hotter. Talking on the phone, such as how your voice works to connect, as opposed to textual jargon and emojis, is great for any type of relationship. And also, you don’t have to be a dirty talker for good phone sex – there are plenty of ways for the most ironic people to enjoy phone sex.

Don’t be afraid to tease with photos:

Teasing with sex photos

Only do what you are comfortable with. You may find that taking “dirty” photos is actually hot and stimulating. Plus, if you have some warm underwear in your closet that is just going to waste, that’s a reason to use it!

Master the art of sexting:

By all accounts, the text was coined so that we could use it to end up sexting – or at least that just how it looks like the dots were meant to go. So use all this sexting to your advantage and let your partner know what thoughts are in your head as well. They need to know and they also want to share. Not quite comfortable with the concept? Consider sending a much more tame sext.

Buy a couples toy:

This is where we thank technology and also sex toys for coming such a long way with long distance sex toys.

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