How to get a girlfriend on Telegram?

Finding an unknown girl or an unknown girl on Telegram is much easier nowadays; you can really find a foreign girl without specifying how you get her contact details. In Telegram, there is a specific option, “people nearby”, to befriend a stranger. You can use this feature to make a girlfriend.

You can find an unknown girl on Telegram by using the ‘people nearby’ option where Telegram suggests 95 people nearby, including boys and girls, and randomly searching for the girl’s name with the @ prefix.

At the end of this blog, you will find many unknown girls to make your girlfriend. If you can’t find a beautiful girl in your area. Don’t be sad about this situation; I have another solution for you to change region or even city or country using the change location app, which we will talk about later in the blog.

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1. Using the “People nearby” option:


Telegram introduced this feature many years ago. Unlike WhatsApp or other communication apps which only use for texting your family and friends, Telegram introduces this feature to stand out as unique among other communication apps. The Nearby Contacts feature allows you to befriend people close to you.

We are now going to use this feature to form friendships with a girl. After accessing the nearby feature’s suggestion, you will get up to 95 people suggestions for each area. If you move to another location, the suggestion will automatically change.

The number of suggestions you receive from girls will depend on the number of girls using these features and activating her position to make her profile visible to others. Not many girls know about the feature, and not all girls who know about the feature allow its visibility to show up among others. So you have to be patient to have beautiful girls near you.

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How to use the “people nearby” option:

It’s easy to use this feature and see suggestions from people near you, especially girls.

  • First of all, you need to open your Telegram app to start your journey 😉
  • Open the 3-line menu, located in the upper left corner.
  • If you have already updated your Telegram app to the latest version, you can see that the ‘People nearby’ option existed under the call option and above the recorded message option.
  • After opening the option, the app will ask you to activate your location. Click on “activate”.
  • After a few seconds you will see the suggestion of 95 people, some are girls or some are boys. Click on “show more (95)”.
  • Now choose a girl to send a message to.
  • And send “Hi” with the details as you found it using the “People Nearby” option.

Activate your visibility:

When you turn visibility on, anyone can see your profile, but don’t worry; they won’t see your telegram number unless you share it with someone. It’s kind of beneficial for you. You need to turn on visibility and exit the app. Whenever a girl finds you through features nearby and likes your profile, she will surely send you a message.

You can enable this feature in the “people nearby” option, then select “Make visible” in the first section.

2. Using the “Nearby Groups” option:

The next option is to find girls via the “Groups nearby” function. This is a similar feature to the above feature, but in this feature you can join your local group to send SMS to the member of that group; well, you can use this feature without even joining this group. But if you join, the girls in this group will be familiar and maybe respond to your post.

How to use the “Groups nearby” option:

  • Open your Telegram app.
  • Open the 3-line menu, located in the upper left corner.
  • Now click on the “people nearby” option that existed under the calls option and above the recorded message option.
  • After opening the option, the app will ask you to activate your location. Click on “activate”.
  • You will see the two sections: one is “people nearby” because you already know the previous section and another section is “groups nearby”.
  • In the “nearby group” section you will have two options: create a group and wait for people to join, but this process takes a long time.
  • Another is to join other groups already created by someone.
  • If you don’t want to join any local group, but instead want to message a girl who is already joining a local group.
  • You can do both, send a direct message to this girl or a message after joining this local group and wait to establish a good image through a group chat, then send a message to any girl in that group. .

3. Change your location:

change location

If you don’t get enough girls or very few girl suggestions using both options, you can try somewhere else. The suggestion of groups or peoples differs from place to place. If you are moving 5 km from your current location where you tried previously, the two options above may look different.

But sometimes you don’t see any difference, even when you change your city. Telegram has one downside that can irritate you when looking for girls. The telegram app cache will not be deleted quickly; sometimes it takes 24 hours. Even if you manually clear your cache from the setting, you won’t see any improvement.

You can change your location using a bogus spoof app available in Google Play Store for Android users and Apple Play Store for iPhone users. You can read our blog at how to change the location of your application?

After changing the location, you will see the difference in the suggestion of the two options: “People nearby” and “Group nearby”. You should limit your changes to 5 times a day or less. This is because after changing your location multiple times, Telegram shows the same result over and over again.

Not sure this is a bug or used for security purposes in Telegram app. You need to be aware when changing your location. Too much of anything is not good, don’t be too greedy. In most cases, Telegram will not change its cache for a few days; in this case, you have to wait for Telegram to empty its cache itself.

4. Find the common name:

The last option is exciting; you need to look for common names in your location. You can search any girl’s profile directly without using the options above. You just need to search all girls name in the search box.

search with a common name

How to search for a girl’s name on Telegram?

  • Open the telegram app.
  • Select the search box and type @.
  • Now type any random girl’s name with the @ prefix. For example, “@sam”
  • You will see the list of suggestions.
  • You can try with a different name without any limit.

Last word:

Try to approach a girl with a profile picture. You can start a conversation directly with “Hi” because you don’t know anything about this person. If you know how to text like a pro, you need to learn this skill. These men who know how to text a chat impress a girl in no time. If you don’t know how to text a girl to attract her like a magnet, you should check out our suggestion.

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