How to keep a conversation going with a girl over text? 15+ incredible ways to do it.

If you only spell out one-word answers or ask for job interview requests, you won’t get what you believe. In fact, if you ever get out of it, I’ll be shocked too. Keep the conversation going by choosing these 18 easy-to-do suggestions!

1. Be attractive:

If you’re wondering exactly how to keep a text-based discussion going, add some playful and equally scary texts here and there. If you’ve received a dashing text before after that, you understand exactly how exciting it is to respond. It’s fun, light, and you build sexual chemistry. You don’t have to go through all of the R ranks, but the charming and innocent posts never hurt any girl.

2. Talk about life:

No, I’m not implying that you need to get all the philosophical information, but discussing each other’s day as well as the points that have occurred throughout is a great way to bond. It allows both of you to see exactly how you are living your life, which sparks interest.

3. Most recent movies / music:


This topic is very easy because it refers to the current popular culture, which is constantly in front of you through street promotions, TV commercials and various other methods. It’s also a great way to find out what you have in common, and also if you don’t have the same preference it can deepen the conversation.

4. Future ambitions:

Discussing your own future passions and asking questions about theirs can reveal to various other individuals that they may be involved in them in some way or another. When your email partner is teaching you a lot about their own goals, paying attention and asking questions is essential to show how interested you are.

5. Don’t send them multiple text:

Sending twenty texts directly is not charming, really not charming. If anything, he seems in need, which is a big red flag for the majority of people. If you do text, send one or two in a row and give them a chance to reply. If you want to continue the discussion, it has to be a two-way street.

6. Don’t take yourself seriously:

Be fun

People are generally drawn to people who make them laugh and feel really good. Romance is great, but you don’t have to overdo it. Remember that love can be pleasurable as well as lively and attractive. If you can make the individual on the other end of the phone smile when reviewing your post, then you’ve figured out the art of knowing exactly how to keep a conversation going while viewing the post.

7. See to it both ways:

People like to talk about themselves. It’s constantly me, me, me, me, me. Now that is not a bad thing. In fact, if you are worried, ask a question and also let them wander on offers of time to relax. In addition, you find out a lot about them. Still, you intend to make sure that you limit the variety of things you say about yourself. Yes, discuss for yourself, but don’t do it all.

8. Relax or unwind:

When we are worried or tense, we say crazy things or imitate someone that we really are not. You don’t want you to want the opposite. You want that person to see that you really are. So if that involves taking a couple of minutes to think about an answer or put your phone away and just breathe, then do it. This is a message, not a proposal for a wedding celebration – if you get what I mean.

9. Ask questions when the other person shares aspects of themselves:

Instead of continuing the conversation, ask the other person to clarify or ask them why they really feel the ways they are doing about something. Asking concerns will certainly reveal that you are reading what the other person is claiming and making an effort to involve them.

10. Know when to go out:

know when to go out

If you really feel the conversation is fading away, end it. Just stop it before the fire goes out. It doesn’t mean you’ve wasted your chance with that person, it just suggests the conversation is over. Tell them you need to get to work or that you have something to do. After that send them a message later. Still, if you end the conversation, let them know rather than just leaving.

11. No one-word answer:

If you are really curious about them, why would you certainly respond with one word? Give up this habit. If someone offers you a suitable text with a concern, after that respond to it. If you assume that a one-word answer is hard to come by, it isn’t. In fact, it is irritating.

12. Don’t urge someone to discuss something they are not interested in:

If you bring up a topic on a piece of text and the other person doesn’t seem interested in seeing it again, move on. Trying to force the conversation to go in a particular direction can cause the other person to pull back and stop reacting.

13. Supervision of it:

Everyone loves praise and everyone loves to be seen. Directing the topic of conversation to be relevant to the other person will certainly provide a great feeling, but never tease them or make fun of their quirks; you have to embrace them and express exactly how you find them special and wonderful.

14. Be light:

keep the light

If you want to continue the discussion, give them a reason to stay there. So if they feel really good talking to you, they want to continue the discussion. If you make them feel bad, they will come out. It’s so easy. People stick to the points that make them happy.

15. Be patient:

People’s work, they’re probably in an institution, they have loved ones, so if they don’t message you right away, don’t think they aren’t thinking of you. Instead, be amazing. They will get back to you, don’t worry. And also if they don’t respond, well, after that you’ve learned that they’re not right for you. So whatever, it’s exercise.

16. Traveling:

People who take a trip are attractive because it implies that they are daring and also exciting. Ask your partner where he has been and where he would definitely like to go, ask him why he is moving it. Share a few brief anecdotes from your own travels to spark their interest.

17. Be unique in the design of your text:

Developing your own texting panache is key. Try to respect the English language as long as possible without being also formal. And always keep in mind that smileys are great, until you overdo them.

18. Send a picture or video clip to the other person:

Send a picture or video clip to the other person

Try to send something current and fascinating. If you’ve been on a hike lately and have taken some pretty high up photos, send several to the other person. If you have a video of your dog doing something stupid, send it to him. Use the photo or video clip as a method to branch off in the conversation. Make sure to provide context so that they understand what you are sending them.

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