How to kiss a girl for the first time? how to be a good kisser?

Kissing someone you love for the very first time can be amazing, but it might make you nervous. However, don’t worry – if you’re planning on kissing someone for the first time, all you need to do is relax, get comfortable with your body.

The very first kiss is typically something terribly arousing, a minute when you both understand that you want each other.

Think of it more as a hug. This is the very first time that you have hugged them. I know it sounds bad but it doesn’t it helps you calm down for the big kiss. You just need to go with the flow.

Whatever I tell you in this feature, the initial kiss is still terrifying. Yes, you have to buy into these ideas, but if you are sweating from stress and anxiety, it doesn’t matter what I say because you might not. So don’t put a lot of stress on your very first kiss.

Here’s how to kiss someone for the first time:

Try to focus on hygiene

Make sure you have cleaned your teeth and gargled the time before the kiss, or that you ate mint gum or sucked in a mint breath before the kiss. You have to do it within an hour.

Try to be affectionate


Show them to another person that you want to kiss. Touch them happily when you speak, give them a hug, literally be near them. It shows their interest if they respond positively.

Make eye contact

contact lenses

When it comes to the very first kiss, eye appeal is extremely important. There is always that moment before the kiss when he is silent. It’s usually when you look at each other’s eyes and give yourself a silent check that you want to kiss each other if they’re preventing the eyes from making contact, usually a sign that they’re not interested.

Use your hand

use your hand

When you kiss, feel free to use your hands. Put it in their hand, touch their face, or hold their arms, back or abdomen. When you use your hands, you include a lot more sensuality in the kiss, which makes different people relaxed and horny.

Be in the present

to be present

When kissing your partner, try to be in the present. This step is very important, in other words, this step is the root of the above steps.

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Kiss me and you will see how important I am.
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Close your eyes and I will kiss you. I’ll miss you tomorrow.
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