How to know when he wants to kiss you? 22 signs that tell you clearly!

Women like to think that men are easy and also very easy to read, remember they are human. They have a lot of emotions and thoughts. While you might assume they just want to fit into your pants, it’s not always that easy. But if you see the indicators that he wants to kiss you, maybe you can take the very first step instead if you feel the same way.

Some of the signs he wants to kiss you: he mostly found to fix your lips, he gives you little touches and sometimes he tells you directly.

Here are 22 signs that he wants to kiss you:

1. He fidgets:

If he loses his temper, stumbles over his words and his feet, you can safely assume you’ve gotten under his skin. Watch his hands: if it’s his drink, fooling around with his watch, and also pulling them in and out of his pockets, he’s exhausted… in a great way.

2. Charming or romantic songs:

If you hang around and they put on some passionately slow songs, well, you can bet he’ll try to kiss you soon. Songs can be a meaningful indication. You can understand how he feels with the help of their choice of song. Music can tell your mood what you are feeling right now.

3. It touches your arm or back:

boy touching girls arms

Guys never quickly grab the side of your face to kiss you, especially not on the first kiss. Instead, he carefully takes your arm or the tip of your back to pull you straight into him. If he does this, brace yourself as this is the first step to kissing a kiss.

4. He does another action:

He is unlikely to hold your hand or counterfeit a yawn to slip his arm around you unless he likes you. And if he likes you, he wants that kiss as badly as you do.

5. It is near:

Today you don’t have a guy zone. It’s right in your room and it doesn’t look like you’re going to get it back anytime soon. The void between you is near, whether he planned it or not. His body bends over what it wants – YOU. He doesn’t do it aggressively, he just wants to be close to you for the occasion of a kiss.

6. He tells you:

Some guys just do whatever other men want. In the end, they are so disappointed that they just end up blurting out, “Can I kiss you?” If they let you know or ask if they can kiss you, say goodbye to asking to assess what’s going on. They’ve just tackled the puzzle for you. Boys are also shy about showing how they feel in front of you, which is why sometimes he talks directly to you about kissing, but most boys are afraid to ask directly because they never want to lose you.

7. Eye contact:

contact lenses

Men tend to underestimate eye contact, but you shouldn’t. The eyes are the window to the heart as the quote says. Yes, of course, he seems to be saying, but it’s true. If he is looking at you, keeping eye contact with you, he wants you. He looks directly into your eyes, letting you know exactly what he wants. Remember, Eyes never lies about someone’s feelings. The eyes can tell you anything if you can understand their signs. And if you also have the same feeling about this person, then you will also know what they want right now.

8. He praises you:

He wants you to recognize that he appreciates you. Maybe he’s complimenting something basic, like your dress or your hair or your face or your smile. Or maybe he’s even more sex related and mentions exactly how he likes your lipstick or just what you look like in those pants. This praise is a bit riskier, but lets you recognize right away exactly how he sees you. It can tell you what he wants and sometimes his feelings or behavior towards you. So don’t try to stop her instead of allowing her to express her true feelings about you.

9. He applies the stick:

He prepares his lips for yours. Or he’s just trying to get attention to his lips the same way you would lipstick, because he wants you to think about what it would definitely be like to kiss him. These signs tell you directly that he is now ready to kiss you.

10. Sexual tension between you:

Are the stops in the discussion unpleasant? Or do they give you the option of quietly looking at yourself and smiling? If there is any tension related to sex, you will be able to feel it in the air.

11. It gives you little touches:

Now, we don’t discuss touching until we embrace kissing. Today he checks the waters, sees how you answer him. He could place his hand on the top of your leg, touch your hand as he speaks. These little activities are all for him to assess your response. If you don’t move or touch him, he takes it as a sign of progress. Not only do they touch you directly, but sometimes they tease you by gently touching you, but that’s also huge signs that they want to kiss you.

12. He looks at your lips:


Of course, when we talk to guys, we look at their mouths. It helps us understand what they are saying. However, it is different. If you speak and he looks at your lips, actually staring, after that, that is the indication that he wants to kiss you. He focuses on what he wants as well as what he desires is your lips. Have you ever noticed that when a human wants something, they’re actually looking at that thing, so the same condition applies here.

13. It reflects your activities:

When you lick your lips, he licks his lips. When you cross your legs, it crosses your legs. He subconsciously mimics every step you take because he’s attracted to you. He loves what you do in front of him. He also likes all your activities and they also try to emulate you.

14. His mouth follows:

And not because he talks either. Maybe he’s pulled out his stick or he’s licking his lips. It might not be a conscious relocation, however, he’s already gearing up for the big kiss. Have you ever seen a cute guy and subconsciously started to lick your lips? Well, that’s basically what it does.

15. He flirts:

Guys tease when they want to create sexual tension between them. If he ends up being an increasing number of frisky with you, the more he intends to kiss you. If you are flirting with him, there is an obvious chemistry between you 2. My suggestions are not to rush into the kiss, but rather to keep building the intensity. It makes the first kiss even better.

16. He stops talking:

It is not because there was a lack of points to say. Believe me, he has a lot to say. However, at the moment, he does not intend to speak. How will he be able to kiss you if he speaks? If you notice him calm, there’s a reason – he wants to kiss you. He may be relaxing or looking for the perfect moment to kiss you. Hence the silence – he concentrates.

17. He seems anxious:

anxious man

Some guys act completely soft until kissing, but there are others who are very nervous. What I fully understand is not an easy decision to make. Although he can be generally certain, now he is going mad. He can fidget, almost as if there is something else in his mind. And there is also, he intends to kiss you.

18. He sits as close to you as possible:

Rather than choosing the chair at the edge of the room, it conveniently sits by your side. So close that your limbs keep cleaning – and they don’t pull back. Due to the fact that he wants your lips to touch each other as well.

19. It remains:

If he hugs you and also waits before walking away, or takes you one day and stays near the entrance before leaving, that indicates he’s trying to make a decision whether or not you want that kiss. too.

20. You can feel it:

Do not overlook this feeling. Usually this is true. You have this intestinal urge combined with a feeling of tension in sex. To really feel the tension of sex, it has to be a shared feeling. If you have these feelings, you are on to something. That doesn’t mean he’s going to kiss you, maybe he’s too scared, but why not try to make the first move. Maybe he just needs to break the barrier.

21. He notices your scent:

girl boy

Do you lean in and tell yourself that your scent is wonderful? In fact, he may just assume that you are wearing perfume. Improving your scent provides her with a justification for getting closer and also individually while assessing your level of comfort with room invasion and intimate flattery.

22. Pay attention to him:

However, don’t just listen to compliments. Pay attention to the method with which he speaks to you. If his voice becomes softer and he starts whispering dots towards you, he’s waiting for a kiss. Whispering also needs him to get close to you, which makes kissing him easier. Speaking in a softer tone is a great indication if you are both in public. He tries to get and keep your interest, to make you feel like you are the only ones in the area.

Final words:

Since you know the signs he’s planning to kiss you, do they match the man you’re thinking of? If you see any of these indications, then he probably wants to kiss you. Do not take care of any of the above signs.

Now remember that a kiss is a conversation… and kissing a man is important to make him fall in love with you. Men decide if you are ‘girlfriend’ or just ‘sex’ material within 2.6 seconds of your very first kiss. Men NEVER walk away from women who know this crazy secret of how to kiss how to kiss a man to make him fall in love. A kiss can do 3 simple but obviously difficult things:

  • Number one: your kiss should invite a man and communicate the truth about who he really is because most men never communicate with words.
  • Second: your kiss makes him very powerful and irresistible.
  • Third: a kiss is a way of obsessing that he can’t think of anyone or anything but you.

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