How to make a girl jealous on WhatsApp?

Making your girls jealous on WhatsApp is the most exciting and fun thing to do. Jealousy is important in every relationship because it improves your relationship and brings you and your girlfriend closer together.

You can make your girl jealous by changing your profile picture with another girl, posting status with someone else, hiding your last seen, talking about another girl in a conversation with your girlfriend.

This blog will share some amazing tips to make your daughter jealous of my personal experience. Making your girlfriend jealous is fine, but try not to break her heart by doing this. You can use the tips below if you doubt your girlfriend is cheating on you or losing interest in you. Making her jealous can save your relationship if she wants to leave you or is tired of your relationship.

According to experts, little ones jealously form a strong bond with each other and improve the quality of your relationship. In other words, jealousy at some point in a relationship matters.

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1. Show status with a loving quote:

Start at the bottom; you can add a status related to the love quote, but make sure you put someone else in the whatsapp status. For example, write something that is not related to your girlfriend but related to another girl. The girls are brilliant; they quickly understand what you mean. You can congratulate your friend (girl) that your girlfriend knows her. You can rent something your girlfriend hates.

2. Post the status with someone else:

post status with girl

You can also add a photo with a girl. This girl can be your friend. Adding status with you other than as a woman can make her jealous to the next level. You can’t imagine. Also, be prepared for the revenge she will take in the future. She will also be angry for a few days.

3. Edit your profile picture:

change pic profile

If you are already posting a status with a girl. No need to change your profile. You can choose between the status of the publication and the evolution of the profile. Adding a photo with a girl in the profile picture is a good choice for some users. In the status, you can only show this status to your girlfriend, but in this case, your profile picture can watch everyone. So if you are comfortable adding photos with a girl to your profile picture then do so.

4. Keep your chat brief:

short conversation

Whenever you start chatting briefly with your girlfriend, she will feel that you have lost interest in her. She starts to get jealous and starts to think that you might be chatting with other girls, so you use short chat.

5. Read his message after a few moments:

Read his message

This is one of the best ways to make your girl jealous. If you chat with your girlfriend and see her post after a few moments, she gets angry and asks why are you reading her post late? Are you busy? Leave this question without giving any explanation saying that you are not busy.

If you end her question without giving her a correct answer, she will start doubting you with some jealousy.

6. Deactivate your read receipt:

In WhatsApp, there is a feature called read receipt, which turns your bluetick on or off whenever you receive a message or send a message. When you turn off your read receipt, you cannot see the bluetick of the sent message or someone sees bluetick while sending a message. By default, WhatsApp has this feature enabled for everyone.

If you turn off your read receipt, your girlfriend may doubt you and she feels like you are hiding something from her. Maybe she’ll try to verify your WhatsApp when you meet.

7. Hide your last seen:

Your girls can get angry when you hide your last seen. Every time I turn off my last sight, my girlfriend asks me why I don’t show it to others for the last time. The problem is, when you hide your last seen, you also can’t see the last seen from others. It is also a proven method of making your daughter jealous.

8. Delete the chat history:

Whenever a message is sent to another WhatsApp user, a user has 54 minutes to delete that message from their end. Why I am sharing this information with you, because if your chat is about less than 54 minutes, you can delete the whole chat with just one click, whenever you finish your chat with your girlfriend, delete the whole chat chat every session

Prepare yourself first, as it will ask you the reason for deleting chat history. Tell him no reason to do this.

9. Say you are busy being with someone else:

show you are busy

When you say in the middle of a conversation that you are busy and can’t chat right now, will she be jealous and try to find out who you are busy with?

10. Talk about another girl in a chat:

You can make your girlfriend more jealous by talking about another girl in a chat. Include this girl in your conversation and praise her qualities, like how beautiful she is? How beautiful her hair is. But don’t just talk about that other girl. You can include the other girl in a conversation when a related point arises.

11. Do not answer his questions:

She may ask so many questions about your status, last seen, read a receipt or anything related to it, not answer her questions or allay her doubt and make her desperate. The more desperate she is, the more jealous she is, the more she will attract you. Now your girlfriend has only one goal in her life finding the truth; in any case, do not clarify it. Give it time.

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