How to make your boyfriend happy over the phone?

Happiness is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. If you are not happy in a relationship, it is not yours. And him too. So, it is important that you always keep him happy. But how can you keep him happy if you’re not with him?

So, you have to know the ways by which you can keep him happy even when you are not with him. Below, I’ve shown 11 ways to make your boyfriend happy over the phone.

1. I wish him good morning / night

wifhing hello

The best and easiest way to make him happy over the phone is to say hello and good night. I don’t mean by that you have to send him a simple text message. Never do that. By that I mean you have to call it correctly.

The voice he hears first should be yours. And a guy who loves any girl loves that feeling that his girlfriend cares about him. And when you call him first and start his day with your voice, it makes him feel that you care about him. He will start his day with you and end it on you.

It can be the best feeling of his life. Your main goal is to start the day with a good, fresh mood. You can increase the impact of happiness during a video call. What could be better than seeing that face he loves the most first? So start wishing him day and night because he will love it.

2. Share your feelings with him

Every boyfriend expects clarity from his girlfriend. Clarity means his girlfriend shares everything with him. And when you do that, he feels he is very important to you. When you share your feelings indoors it starts giving you content to talk on the phone.

More content means more time. You spend more time with him on call or on a video call. And that will make him happy because he thinks he’s the only man you love. He is the one to whom you share all your feelings. And it has a very important place in your life.

It triggers his hero instinct. Hero Instinct means that we boys love to be the hero of our life. And when a girl makes us feel that way, we love her. so start to share your feelings with him because he will love it.

3. Talk to him in the evening

evening guard

Do you know why I choose the particular evening? Because the evening is the most romantic time of the day. And we connect with that person who spends this time with us. So be the one who is with him at night.

If you won’t be that one, he’ll be looking for someone else. It could be anyone, her friend, her brother or any other girl. I think you understand what I mean, right? I’m not saying it’s a hard and fast rule. But if he is free in the evening, he will look for someone to talk to.

Because in the evening we start to feel lonely. we need someone we can share our feelings with. Do not disturb him if he is busy at work, there is no need to disturb him. But if he’s free, you’ve got to be the one he’ll spend his evening with.

4. Send her a romantic text

I’ve covered the simple things you can make him happy over the phone. But we all know there is one more thing every man loves. And that’s the romance. So let’s dive into this sweet path of romance.

If you want him to feel romantic, send him a romantic text. It can be something simple, no need to go to the extreme. Go light and delicate with it. For example, you can say, “Hey, I don’t know why but my heart is beating so fast. Do you know why this is happening to me? “.

This line is very simple without words for adults. But it can have a big impact. I know you are a lot smarter than me. And you will send him the best lines. So grab your phone and show it your creativity.

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5. Send her your hot pic

sending a hot image

We are now on the advanced version of the text. We all know we used to send our messages via SMS, but now we are using pictures. The magic of pixels. So now is the time to use these images in your life.

If you want him to start jumping with happiness, send him a hot pic of you. Believe me, he will go crazy. I’m a guy and I know what it feels like when your girl sends a hot pic of her. There are many ways to click on a hot image.

You can send her a photo while you are lying on your bed, you can send her a photo where you show her your legs, or you can send her your cleavage photo, and there are many more. You can access the link below to get more ideas on the hot pic. So take your phone, click on a hot photo and send it to him. Now wait until you see his reaction. Believe me, he will love it.

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6. Be chatty with him

Men like talkative girls. When he talks less, he will feel more. When a girl talks a lot, she looks very cute. It gives it a childish angle. And everyone loves children. More conversation makes you look innocent. So talk a lot because he will love it. The more you talk, the happier he will be.

7. Role play during the call


Sometimes when we speak on a call there is a lack of subject matter. In this case, we cut the call or start talking about random stuff. And these random topics are very dangerous. Because for a while we choose such topics that start fights between couples.

So in this case, role-playing is one of the best topics to pursue. You will keep your romance alive and make him happy. Plus, it’ll keep you away from fights. While talking about some topics, swipe down to the role play section.

As if you are talking about your future. And talk about your marriage. Then you started talking about children. You can now start your role play. You can act like a mother and treat him like the father of your child.

This is just a simple example. You can play any role. Student teacher, nurse doctor, sorcerer magician, and there are a lot of them. You just need to use your power of imagination to take her to another world.

8. Tease him

If you eat sweet all day, at some point, it will start to bother you. Now you need some spice in your life to make it interesting. The same is with the relationship. You need spices to make his mood happy, otherwise he will start to get bored.

And teasing is the best way to spice up your relationship. Don’t make everything easy like it says something to do. Tease him a little. Suppose during a video call he wants to see you in a romantic mood.

So don’t do it like he says because you want to make him happy. First of all, tease him a bit. It will create more excitement for him. If you don’t know anything about teasing, you can learn it from cam girls. Because they are the best at it.

It’s their job and they do it all the time. So if you want to learn how to tease, visit this free cam site. Just create an account and you are good to go. Teasing has a very important role in your relationship. So, start using it to spice things up.

9. Have audio sex with him

romantic woman on duty e1600016778952

You already know that sex is the best thing that can make him happy. But you are on the phone, so you have some restrictions. You cannot do this on a phone. You must be with him. And so, in this situation, audio sex is one of the best options that you have.

Many girls think that how this can be possible. It seems unreal. How can someone do this on a physical phone? I know it’s not real. But it’s all a question of imagination and explanation. How you explain everything to him will make all the difference.

It will never work if one partner does all the work. You both need to get involved. Close your eyes and feel everything he says. Explain everything that happens to you. Of course, you can’t touch or see each other, but if you do it right, you will both be surprised by this.

10. Praise him when he does a good job.

Praise is the best way to make someone happy. Do you remember when you were a kid? Your parents said do this job and you will get a prize. And you always tried to finish this job because you wanted that price. Basically it wasn’t a simple prize but a bundle of happiness that you have always been looking for.

You want this award because it would make you happy. So, you can use the same concept on your boyfriend to make him happy. Praise him or give him a prize if he does a good job. But you can’t make him happy with a new toy. He’s your boyfriend and he needs something more. So, every time he finishes his job, give him a romantic price.

You can send her a warm kiss, send her a hot pic, or send her a video where you do a striptease. You can learn striptease here. There are a lot of things you can do to congratulate him. Now it’s up to you to decide what to give it as a price. But he is sure that if you give a prize for his work, he will love it.

11. Schedule a romantic video call

hot wife on video call

This is the last but the best thing you can do to make him madly happy. He will start to jump when you give him this. If you want to see a big smile on her face, just tell her that you are feeling romantic and want to do something on a video call. And now look at the reaction of his face.

He will be shocked, surprised and happy at the same time. Set a time for a hot and romantic video call. As you do this, keep some points in mind. If you take your clothes out, don’t just do it. Do it by doing a striptease.

Tease him a little. It will create sexual tension. He will start to get more excited. If you want to do this, I wrote a detailed blog post about it. Check out the link below. Here you will get points step by step to make your boyfriend crazy with happiness. Try it once and see the result for yourself.

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