How to romance your husband while pregnant?

Keeping the romance alive during pregnancy is a bit of a tough job. Right now you are going through very different situations. Especially when she is pregnant for the first time. You don’t feel like being romantic in this situation and you also care about your baby a lot so that you don’t take any chances with it. So in this blog, I am going to show you the ways in which you can keep the romance alive while you are pregnant.

If you want to have a romantic relationship with your husband during pregnancy, no specific mandatory tasks are required. Try whatever brings you and your husband together. Put on all the disturbing items and spend some quality time with each other.

There are a lot of things you can do together to have a good time with each other. But it is not possible to mention everything here. So I picked the best things you can do to be happy with him. First I’ll explain why you should focus on him too, and then I’ll show you the ways, explaining each of them. So keep reading. 🙂

Why is it important to give your husband time?

pregnant woman with man

I know you are going through a very difficult time. Pregnancy is not only the hard way but it will be one of the most memorable moments of your life. Many women even say pregnancy was the best time of their lives. So in the future you will remember the time and be happy. It’s a golden hour for you and him too.

I know you want your baby to be safe and not do anything that will hurt your baby. You only want to focus on your child. But your husband is also one of them. He does his best to make you happy. He is also going through a very different time. So he deserves your love. And you should be collecting souvenirs now because you will be missing out these days.

So you have to be close. By the way, let me tell you one thing, sex during pregnancy will not hurt your baby. Sex is normal until your doctor tells you not to. I will explain in more detail below. But please take advantage of your time with him. Create memories so you can remember them in the future.

7 ways to keep your husband happy during pregnancy

1. Try to have a romantic date

pregnant woman dating

The first thing that can keep your relationship alive is a date. You need time to spend with him. Tell her to schedule a date in a romantic location. By the way, it is not necessary to go out on a romantic date. He can also plan a candle light dinner at your place. The location doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is your love for him.

2. Communicate clearly

Communication is the key. You have to tell him how you feel, what you want, what you want from him and everything. He’s never been like this before. So he won’t know what to do. This is not a woman whose feelings he can understand.

If you want him to feel that way, you have to tell him everything. It doesn’t matter good or bad. The only thing that matters is communication. While pregnant women feel a lot of good things that a man cannot. To feel these things, he must also get pregnant. 😉

For example, when the baby enters your stomach. Your man can’t feel that. How is he? Only you the one who knows he kicked. So you have to tell her that your baby kicked. These things seem small, but these little things can make everyone happy. So share all your feelings with him. Enjoy it together as it will keep your romance alive.

3. See your doctor together

pregnant woman and man

When you are at your doctor’s clinic, it is very important that you are together. If he’s busy at work, ask him to take time for it. When you are together, you can feel what your doctor is telling you. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. But it will keep your relationship strong. And after a few years you will remember this time because it creates a memory.

4. Plan a trip

It is very important that the mother is happy during the pregnancy. And if you’re pregnant, you should be spending quality time with the baby’s father. You need some private time to enjoy it. And for that what better than a trip. Plan a safe trip to spend quality time together. Before planning a trip, first consult your doctor if it is safe for you.

5. Be affectionate

Being flirty is one of the best ways to show your husband that you’re still attracted to him. Sex isn’t always necessary to make someone feel like you like them. A line of flirty text can also show your love to her. In fact, it can look a lot better because it makes him think about you all the time.

If he’s working in his office. Then send her a loving line. He will start to think about you. Even in some situations, her boss may ask “why do you smile all the time”. Flirting has tremendous power, you just have to use it right.

6. Have sex


Sex is the best way to come together. There is no doubt that you are taking care of your baby, but your husband needs time too. By the way, sex during pregnancy does not harm your baby if you are normal. For safety reasons, just ask your practitioner. If it gives you the green signal, you’re good to go.

Sex during pregnancy has many benefits. It helps to sleep better. It is a mood enhancer that will make you happy. If you are happy and have a good rest, it is better for the baby.

Prepare your mind for sex

Some women think that if they have sex during pregnancy, the husband’s gaff will hit the baby’s head. It’s just a myth no more than that. Your baby is safe in your womb. First of all, keep in mind that if your doctor has given you the green signal, it is completely safe.

I know you are very excited about your new relationship with your baby. But you cannot ignore your relationship with your husband. He also needs your time. He also misses you and so you should spend some time with him. If he’s happy, he’ll keep you happy. And if you are happy, it means your baby is happy. 🙂

Sexual Positions to Try During Pregnancy

Sometimes it is difficult to have sex during pregnancy. Now you are not in your normal state, so you can have fun however you want. This is why I have selected some of the best positions for having sex during pregnancy.

Partner at the top: If you want it with ease, go with the partner in first position (missionary). But in this position, keep in mind that your partner shouldn’t put their weight on you. Because it will press on your stomach and is not good for you. Try not to use this position after the fourth month of pregnancy.

Woman on top: This position keeps your stomach safe because it doesn’t put any pressure on your stomach. You are at the top so everything is under your control.

Lying on your side:

This is one of the best options. Because in this position there is no pressure on your stomach or back. It’s very comfortable for you, but if you feel pain, place a pillow between your knees and let your partner lie behind you.

Rear entry position:

This position is also the best because your partner is not around your stomach. He’s behind your back. you can do this standing or sitting on your partner’s lap. Just make sure your body is stress free.

7. Learn about pregnancy together

pregnant couple reading

While you are pregnant you cannot work. Basically, all day long, you just have to relax. During this time, you can learn more about pregnancy with your husband. You have to learn because we only fear the things of which we have no knowledge. You can ask your parents about this. They will give you very valuable advice because they have experience. They made you grow up, okay.

Or, you can learn from some medical professionals. You are now in an online age, so you can learn everything just sitting on your couch. If you want to know more about pregnancy you have to watch the Health pregnancy summit created by over 20 healthcare professionals for a healthy pregnancy. Keep learning and have a cute baby. 😍

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