How to seduce your wife? Why women not interested in sex?

A man who is both married and satisfied with his married sex life is more difficult to discover today than ever. A few of the married men I know have informed me that they have given up on having a satisfying sex life (or sex life altogether) with their wives. Some of the married men who reported that they had stopped having a great sex life (or sex life in any way) with their partners.

Do you know the reason? Well, when asked what the problem was, something important: most if not all of the solutions these men came up with started with “She”, as well as very, very couple (if any) with ” I”.

She is never in the frame of mind, she is always restless, she is always tired, she generates excuses and so on.

play the game of criticism….

It seemed like most men are playing the critical game when it comes to this. Just as when things start to get unsightly, and their wives want to leave them, then they do something about it, but normally the wrong kind of activity. They begin to provide her with all types of focus (which they’ve never bothered to give her before), calling her more frequently, buying her flowers or expensive gifts, acting kindly and perfectly with the in-laws suddenly, and the checklist goes on.

But guess what, it doesn’t work, at least not in the long run. Why? Well, since you are not responding to the problem. You might get a temporary fix by giving her more focus, but you now (as she understands) that you can’t maintain that permanently! It would definitely be difficult, just because that is not how seducing women works! And believe me, I’ve seen this happen a few times with a few male relatives that I understand.

Because of our great society… ..

Unfortunately, society has played a huge role in deceiving men in this matter. This concept that you need to be nice and buy expensive stuff to make a woman succumb to you is a total BS! The company wants you to get things to make sure the economy keeps growing and the elites get more productive and wealthier, not because it will definitely help you attract a woman. They don’t care about your marriage sex life, they want your money!

women are not stupid….

They are much smarter than you might think

Women can check quickly through our practices. She knows that when you do the right thing it’s because you want something in return, or you are exchanging a present product for her sexual complacency.

You didn’t attract her; you didn’t make her fall in love with you again. What you are basically telling him is that I have no intention of (I don’t know how) to transform the method that I am making you feel, so I hope these gifts certainly will.

Below you’ll find a detailed overview I’ve created to help you get started with your significant other’s dating process and how to get your wife in the mood? This will definitely walk you through things that you will need to change your approach with her in order to make her want you more sexually (as well as not).

Love tips for How to get your wife in the mood?

Let's make her mood on

1. Snuggle up, don’t grope her:

You’re in a state of mind, then you can go out and order it – their busts, their buttocks, or their genitals, that is. This is the most important transgression you can commit when trying to seduce a woman. It certainly won’t make her fall into an orgasmic blackout: try hugging or kissing. Hold and shake our hand. Empty the dishwasher yourself. Women want to feel connected to their mates – in ways that don’t always involve sex. As a guy you see something hot and you are instantly in the mood for sex, good to go.

You receive the mail; there is a Victoria Secret catalog in the package, and also the following point, we understand that you feel in our instructions like a dog waiting for a reward. But women don’t work like that. A woman can see something sexy, which can be you too, but she doesn’t suddenly have the intention of having sex. This is where men and women vary: you have to, in fact, put her in a state of mind. You have to make us feel hot and also make us want to be connected with sex.

You may not know:

Studies show that if you hug a partner for 30 seconds, it increases their oxytocin levels? Oxytocin is a hormonal agent that makes us feel caring and connected and helps us get in the mood. To start with a hug.

2. Speak and listen to her:

Many of you would probably clean the toilets rather than having to “communicate”. But they do not recommend a heart-to-heart for several hours here. Investing 20 minutes of connecting with your companion and listening to them speak can help them feel valued. Stay away from demanding topics like your kids, work, as well as home and stay with bigger concerns like existing opportunities and the world around you. Respond with full sentences, not grunts. If you can keep in mind and duplicate something she said 12 hours later, she’ll be impressed – and you’ll be action that’s closer to sex.

3. Don’t treat them like a prostitute:

don't treat yourself like a prostitute

Just because you can pay to see a chick with fake boobs as well as a tan fake tan all the way through a shaggy individual moaning doesn’t indicate you can treat them like a 30 second loan. Females crave temptation. They crave satisfaction. They want sex to be, well, hot, not like third-rate porn making. The good news is that the brain is our most important sex organ, and a lot of women have dream lives that leave your porn sites in the dirt. Do you know one of the reasons women aren’t great at porn? Due to the fact that almost everything is created by men, and for men, this has no clue as to what turns a woman.

4. To do with others: Want hot sex?

You have to give us the kind of sex we want to have. Basically you have to provide products that are comparable to what you are getting. Do they need to spell it out for you? If you want them to use their mouths, you have to use yours too! And also if you do it initially? All the best. The majority of women enjoy clitoral stimulation the best.

5. Be a donor:

And do not imply this in a purely material way. You currently understand that this is not working. Becoming a donor means giving without expecting anything in return. The offer of the offer. This applies in ALL places of your wedding, and the more you do it, the more reliable it will be: from helping around your house to small gestures of care, love, and, indeed, sex. When you have sex with her, devote even more time to her pleasure. A lot of men respect their own satisfaction, and this is one of the NUMBER 1 reasons why women lose interest in sex. Providing his pleasure must become your satisfaction. Not because you will undoubtedly get pleasure in return.

6. Do the foreplay with her: how to love your wife?

Spend LONG doing foreplay. Women need a lot more time than men to get a sex-up, I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot before … but if not, now is the time to put it into practice! The more you spend even more on heating your wife, the more pleasure she will feel during sex with you. And remember, HIS happiness is the priority. Use your hands and also your mouth to please her in her places, both during sexual activity and during intercourse. I’m sure you currently know that her lips, breasts, nipples, clitoris, and vaginal area are all sensitive places. Did you know that there are much nicer places you should do something about?

7. Give them space:

It sounds counterintuitive, but giving your partner some time to herself can help her rejuvenate. Tune in to enjoy the kids for a few hours so she can satisfy a buddy for coffee, bring a publication to the beach, or relax in a bubble bath. This “break” allows her to relax to make sure that later she will be ready to warm up. As with the method, watching your children is not “babysitting”. They are your children – have fun with them as you suggest. Be a dad, not single. Keep in mind that many of us find absolutely nothing sexier than a dad who loves his kids.

8. Let her lead you:

Let her lead you

If you want your other half to truly appreciate intimacy with you, they need to feel that they can be 100% comfortable sharing their own sexuality, without fear of rejection or being judged by you. side. You can achieve this by motivating her movements and letting her take charge throughout sex.

So don’t be indulgent and give it a beat. She understands best what she needs to be satisfied; she knows how long it takes her, which way works and which doesn’t. Let her lead you with her methods of pleasure. Be individual and open-minded in this process, and make her feel like she approves of her body and her sexuality. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish just by making her feel like she can be safe when she is intimate with you.

Last word

I hope this essential guide will get you started attracting your spouse again.

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