If a guy gets jealous, Does he have feelings?

Yes. If he really didn’t feel anything, he wouldn’t be jealous.

Plus, it’s probably typical to feel a little pang of envy if you see the person you love spending time with a complete stranger.

But wait, do not fall into the trap of thinking that severe jealousy and possessiveness are positive traits, and do not excuse this behavior with him being in love and wanting to protect you. Instead, take it as a warning sign and go. It’s not healthy, it’s bad, and in the worst-case scenario it can be dangerous. 7 clear signs your guy is getting jealous:

1. When you ask him what’s wrong, he says “nothing”.

If he acts weird, however, he won’t pretend what’s wrong, so it’s probably because he won’t admit that he’s jealous or unsure of losing you.

2. He is exceedingly sweet and also charming:

excessively sweet and charming guy

If your avoidant and also non-affectionate man suddenly can’t keep his hands on you and talk to you enough, then he might be worried about giving up on you.

3. It starts to spy on you, your phone and your social networks:

Not only is stopping by your house, checking your social media websites, or following what you’re doing while he’s not around, it indicates he’s assuming you’re getting out of him.

4. He won’t talk to you or forget you:

If he’s jealous, you think he’d definitely try to calm you down or charm you. However, this is not always the case. An endangered or insecure individual might try to adjust to you by playing hard to get or by getting your attention by giving you coldness.

5. It is also standing nearby for convenience:

guy acts like a bodyguard

If he acts more like your bodyguard than your sweetheart, he is not safe and wants to make sure that he is the only person close to you.

6. He is flirting with someone else, which is not his design:

It may seem like he’s interested in another person when he’s trying to make you as envious as he feels.

7. He suddenly stops sending SMS:

Another way to let you know that he is not really happy with you is to simply turn yourself off by not texting yourself. If your primary type of communication is by cell phone and he acts like MIA, he may be trying to send you a very subtle message. He doesn’t like the method you took or worries about your destination for someone other than himself.

What are the root causes of jealousy ?:

Cause to get jealous

There are a couple of things – no one wants to feel like they’re being replaced. For men, separate the mess with their worrying feelings and also their ego. It’s a really humiliating feeling. It’s easy to see how the urge can arise out of an anxiety about being replaced, especially when your ex believes he is much better than your current one. Jealousy can be a natural reaction to pity, so it’s not that unusual for an ex-lover to be envious when they see you with a brand new person.

How do you know if he still has feelings for you?

The biggest way to tell if your ex-lover still has feelings for you is to identify if he’s acting out of envy or jealousy. Jealousy is a feeling just like despair or rage. And also in such a way, so is envy. But there is a very big difference between envy and jealousy. This difference is exactly what you need to determine.

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