Is licking vagina good for health?

If you want a straightforward answer, then the answer is yes. But you can prevent the risks by using precautions. Oral sex can be performed using the mouth, lips, or tongue to stimulate your partner’s genitals or anus. Licking a woman’s vulva or cunnilingus carries risks of dangerous diseases like chlamydia, human papillomavirus (HPV), gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis (multiple strains) and others sexually transmitted infections (STIs / STDs), can be transmitted by mouth. Let’s find out all the aspects of the risks, precautions and health benefits of fellatio with your female partner.

More risk for a partner:

If you give your partner a blowjob, my dear, you are more at risk of catching an STI. If you are not using any protection such as a dental dam, latex glove, condom, or plastic wrap. Usually, you are more at risk of getting an STI from cunnilingus if:

  • you give rather than receive oral sex – because you are more likely to be exposed to genital fluids.
  • you have any cuts, sores or ulcers in your mouth at this time
  • you are not using protection.

Diseases that have infected both men and women:

man and woman

Both partners will be infected by performing cunnilingus. Let’s explore what disease affects you and your partner:

1. Human papillomavirus (HPV) or genital warts:

HPV is a common virus that can affect both men and women. It goes through genital or oral sex. HPV affects both heterosexual and same-sex partners. If you have more than one partner, beware because there is a good chance that you will be infected if you have more than one partner. Bad news for men, according to American studies. Men are at greater risk of contracting HPV. American studies have also shown that more than 50% of HPV patients would contract cancer; there is no guarantee that you will be infected if you have an HPV infection.

2. Herpes

It is a dangerous disease because it can cross skin to skin contact. The infected person can still pass the infection without showing symptoms. Herpes can infect both men and women. Herpes has two types:

  • oral herpes can affect the blisters and cold sores around the mouth or nose
  • Genital herpes can cause pain, itching, and small sores on the genitals that turn into ulcers and scabs.

Note: Oral and genital herpes can become infected from unprotected oral, vaginal, or anal sex.

3. HIV or AIDS:

You are very unlikely to get infected with HIV or AIDS from an HIV positive person while cunnilingus is extremely weak until you do not have vaginal or anal sex after performing cunnilingus. Blowjob is more at risk with HIV or AIDS than with cunnilingus.


How to reduce the risks of oral sex:

Reduce the risk

The safest way to avoid the risk of contracting an infection during cunnilingus. You can avoid cunnilingus if your partner:

  • has an STI infection.
  • has sores, cuts, ulcers, blisters, warts, or rashes around the genitals, anus, or mouth.
  • has unhealed or irritated piercings in the mouth or genitals
  • has a throat infection.
  • is female and is menstruating.

Keep in mind that you cannot minimize the risk of getting these types of illnesses by using mouthwash or brushing your teeth. Because rather than preventing, it can cause abrasions on your gums, which puts you at greater risk of getting an STI.

Vaginal fluid that comes after licking a woman’s vulva or performing cunnilingus can be harmful to your eyes. Protect your eyes from vaginal fluid. You can use the dental dam to prevent the spread of STIs. A dam is nothing more than a small, thin square of latex or plastic that acts as a barrier between the vagina or anus and the mouth to stop the spread of infection. (source)

Best way to prevent infection with STIs:

By using STI screening, you can check whether you are infected or not. You should contact your doctor whether you are male or female, and if you are sexually active and always change your partners like clothes or start a new relationship every time. This can help prevent the infection from spreading from you to your partner or vice versa. And if you cannot contact your doctor, the male partner should use Dental Dam in accordance with the required protection before performing cunnilingus.

Affect your relationship?

Oral sex can harm your relationship because, in this act, one person can benefit from it, but maybe another person cannot. When you lick your partner’s vulva, he may be having anxiety about his oral sex performance about how you feel or think about her when performing cunnilingus. Before you give or receive oral sex, you need to resolve these issues. Communication with your partner not only solves the problem but also creates enthusiasm and keeps your relationship healthy.

Health Benefits of Cunilingus:

Apart from the risks of diseases as you read above oral sex or cunnilingus. There are also health benefits that can change the whole outlook. Vaginal fluid tastes alkaline, and the odor property is not bad. It contains good bacteria like the same substances found in yogurt, and good bacteria called probiotics.

You might be surprised to know that a healthy vagina with a pH of 4.5. The vagina can produce DHEA and oxytocin hormones while receiving oral sex, and these hormones are responsible for preventing cancer, according to the researcher, “State University of New York.” They also point out that cunnilingus produces love hormones, oxytocin in addition to endorphins. They can both relieve headaches and promote good sleep and also improve your mood with great joy.

Questions related to the risks of cunilingus:

Is oral sex dangerous than vagina or anal sex?

No, oral sex can generally be considered a lower risk compared to vaginal or anal sex. In the transmission of HIV, oral sex can be considered the most moderate risk.

Can a woman get pregnant after receiving a blowjob from her partner?

pregnant woman

The answer is no. A girl cannot be pregnant until she has sperm in her ovary. If a man licks or eats, his mouth cannot give semen to the vulva. In the process of Cunnilingus, a man cannot receive liquid from her vagina in the same way as Blowjob when a girl receives Blowjob; she cannot get pregnant because even she received semen from her partner penis, but there is no ovarian connection in the mouth to stomach path. To get pregnant, sperm must enter the vagina.

Which one is safer for cunnilingus and oral sex?

Cunnilingus can be less risky than fellatio (Blowjob). The documented risk of HIV transmission through cunnilingus is lower than that associated with fellatio, vaginal or anal intercourse.

Can I get sick from sucking on a vagina?


Yes, you can get diseases like chlamydia, human papillomavirus (HPV), gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis (several strains) and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs / STDs), can be transmitted through the route oral

What are the negative effects of sucking on a woman’s vagina?

The only negative effect when sucking on a woman’s vagina is performing cunnilingus which can infect STI disease which is a very dangerous disease.

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