Reasons and solutions if your boyfriend is addicted to video games.

Having a great boyfriend is a blessing, but when you have a boyfriend addicted to something, life gets tough. Love life is ruined. And if you have a boyfriend who plays video games a lot, congratulations, you’re on the list too. But why is he playing the game so much that he even forgets you?

Men love games because it’s fun. And games release happy hormones in your mind that get you hooked. If a man finds a good game, he will continue to play it even if he doesn’t want to. Because he can’t control this feeling of happiness.

So what can you do about it? No idea. Don’t worry… until the end of this article, you’ll know all about it. But wait, why should listen to me. Because I am also a game lover. But no longer an addict. So, I know the feeling and how can it come out of it. So keep reading line by line and trust me you will finally be happy. 😉

How do video games ruin a relationship?

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Hey actually, it’s not the answer you expected, but it’s relatable. First I want to give you the idea that video games can ruin your relationship. After that, I will show you the reasons why he is addicted to video games. And after that, I’ll give you an idea of ​​how you can get him out of this addiction.

A video game can ruin your entire beautiful relationship if left unchecked in the beginning. It can affect your love life, your sex life, and even your whole life. When your boyfriend / husband becomes addicted to a game, his first priority becomes gambling and you come after that. This means that if he has to choose one of these two, the game will be his first choice.

when you are waiting for him on your bed for a private moment, he can play Call of Duty on his computer. When you cook him delicious food, he’ll be playing Grand Theft Auto. In short, it will always ignore you just to play certain games.

Even the video game addiction begins to make the situation so intense that a woman begins to think “I want to leave my husband because of video games“. This is the worst case that can happen due to gambling addiction. Signalscv says 8% of marriages end in divorce due to gambling addiction (Research from Texas). So it is very important to fix it because it can make your relationship worse.

Reasons your boyfriend is addicted to video games.

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Before we get straight to the solution, let’s first take a look at the reasons why it plays so many games. Is he really addicted or is it something else that makes him play these games? Because so far no criteria have been set for you to declare him addicted to gambling. He may be an avid gamer. But there are signs that a person is addicted to gambling.

And the data shows that there is a much lower percentage of gambling addicts among gamers. According to WebMD, only 1% to 9% of gamers meet the criteria for a gambling addict. So your man is very less likely to be a gambling addict. And that’s good news because you can get him to quit his gambling habit.

Here are some reasons he plays games a lot:

1. It’s fun

The number one reason men play games a lot is fun. There is no doubt that video games are a great source of entertainment. Everyone wants to be entertained, just like your boyfriend / husband.

2. Play releases stress

The second reason is stress. Video games are a stress reliever. When you are stressed, play a video game for half an hour and your stress is gone until you remember it again. And that can be a reason why your boyfriend is playing games all the time.

3. He wants to forget something

The third most important reason men play games is that they want to forget something. It can be a bad memory. So, check if he has a bad memory that he is trying to forget. But as you said he is boyfriend, this point is very less likely because most of the time men try to forget about their breakup.

4. He has nothing to do

Most of the time, this is the reason why men keep playing games. He has a lot of time to devote to games. This means he is unemployed or not studying at all. He has a lot of free time, so he invests it in video games.

Things to do when your boyfriend plays video games all day.

Now we are on the main meat of the article. Here are the ways to get him to quit the game and start focusing on you. It can be a bit tricky, but these points can work.

1. Join him if you are a gamer

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I know why you’re mad at his game. Because you can’t spend enough time with him. But video games are not your enemy. It’s just software that is against you. So, if you are also interested in the game, why not join his team.

I mean, just think about how much time you can spend together and how much fun you can have together. / there is no advantage in always shouting to stop playing. Go try it once for yourself. Who knows the game he’s playing is really great and you will like it too.

Note: Join him only when you are also interested in video games. Otherwise, don’t do it, because you won’t be happy if you do it with force.

2. Talk to him

The next thing you can do is talk to him. Talk to him about your feelings. How hurt you are by his ignorance. set a time limit or time limit for the game and ask him to follow it. If he follows it on the first day, appreciate him and show him some love. I will motivate him to quit the game and chose you.

3. Keep him busy

Above I showed you a reason why I told you he plays the game all day because he has enough time to spend But just think what if you can occupy his time. Find a way to keep him busy. And keep him busy for a long time (a month) so he can’t play video games anymore.

4. Find another hobby


Have you heard that poison is cured by poison? We will use the same approach to fight his addiction. He loves playing video games and then finding a part of his hobby that matches his love of gaming. And then keeping him busy in his new hobby.

He may like to sing, dance, paint, etc. If he likes to dance, send him to a dance school to learn how to dance. This way, he will enjoy his other hobby and have very little time to play video games.

5. Find the solution to his stress

If he is stressed and that is why playing video games to combat his stress, the solution is very simple. Just ask him to let go of the stress that continues to do his job. Go find a solution to the problem if you know what it is. Because it is not only his solution but it is also your solution.

6. Try if he can switch to another game

This is my personal tested method. This is how I quit my video game addiction. I was addicted to PUBG and couldn’t stop thinking about it. In short, it was not under my control. So if you found another interactive game and started playing it instead of PUBG. Every time I feel like playing a video game, I start a new game.

So by the time my interest started to wane in Pubg. And since I felt that I was no longer addicted to the old game, I stopped playing the new game. So, convince him to play another game. And if you have prepared it, there is high chances of getting out of gambling addiction.

7. Be more interesting than a game

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This is the last and the best way to get him out of the game. He ignores you because his game is more interesting than you. He has a lot of fun playing games compared to you. So why don’t you make yourself more interesting? Work on your seductive game.

Learn the right attitude that no man can ignore. Sharpen your sexuality and start capturing it with it. You can learn to make any man crazy for you, so never ignore yourself. I mean you can’t get lost in a video game. Learn how to make any man addicted to you.

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So keep trying all of the above steps and he will definitely choose you instead of the game. But even after doing all of the above, he is still addicted to the game, it’s time to move on. You picked the wrong boyfriend. Go to the best dating site on the internet and treat yourself to a new boyfriend. Because you deserve better.

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