Try amazing “Amazon Sex Position” | know more about it

You are in fact looking for a whole new exciting position in the quest for amazing sex. One of the most alluring that I have discovered is the little-known sex position of the Amazon. If you’ve ever felt like there was a vixen inside you, hurt to discover your female supremacy, this sexy female top frame is for you.

The sex position is the best method to discover your main side, allow better access to your clitoris, as well as regulate the depth and rate of penetration.

What is the sex position of

Amazon’s sex position is a top female position that a lot of people have never really encountered. However, it’s nice and worth a try, especially if you want to take on a somewhat dominant role in the bedroom.

How to do Amazon’s sex position with your partner?

To do the Amazon, your man must lie on his back, bring his legs upward and bend his knees. You should then squat on top of your man, while he brings his legs closer to his upper body to exhaust your method. After that, you just need to squat up and down to allow it to penetrate you. You will certainly find that your male will normally push you back upwards with the top of his legs. While performing this position, you must be careful not to accidentally damage your man’s penis as he will flex in the opposite direction.


be careful trying the amazon position

If this is bothersome or excruciating for the male companion, stop instantly! Many men are not flexible enough in the penis to perform this action, and that’s okay. The penis can really fracture, so take it slow and also if there is any pain, stop and find another sexual medium to try.

Places where you can do “The amazon sex position”?

Bed, parquet, sofa or rear seat of the vehicle. If he really enjoys being submissive, he might like the idea of ​​doing Amazon’s sex placement in the back seat of an automobile rather than the traditional “lady is submissive” sex positions that are normally used in a siege scenario. back.

What does the girl play in the Amazonian sex position?

When performing the Amazon with your man, your concern is to get into position without hurting your man and to make sure you fit in. You may find that leaning on your man’s upper legs helps relieve some of the stress on your legs. first enter the setting above your boyfriend, before taking his penis directly into your vagina. When you stay in the setting, gradually pull it back and then slide it in. From the first hits, make sure you are really gentle and careful so you don’t hurt your man. Make sure you ask him how he really feels and go from there. Now is the perfect time to start cursing him.

Note: if you are male, keep this in mind: You certainly won’t do much. You need to have a versatility percentage to make sure that you can, in fact, hold your legs straight into his chest as well as out of your means. You can use your thighs to help very gently push up and down on your penis.

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