What is a ruined orgasms? Is ruined orgasm bad for you?

If you enjoy male chastity, chances are you’ve heard the words “ruined orgasm” before. That was probably the mystical title of a whole new intriguing and heartwarming porn music video on your favorite site. Or maybe it was pointed out by a seasoned chastity expert on a story-sharing forum.

Now, what does Ruined Orgasms suggest?

Ruined orgasms are orgasms that are brought as part of the game of teasing and rejection. A companion’s genitals are stimulated to the brink of climax and the stimulation is abruptly stopped. This will often cause the frustrating experience of no climax. Nonetheless, if the climax is not preventable and also occurs after the stimulation has been removed, it will be much less intense and rewarding than a regular climax. This is why it is called a ruined highlight.

Ruined orgasms are used in cuckolding and male control. It is a way of draining the submissive without enjoying an orgasm.

Most men don’t want a ruined climax. Yet their girlfriend does not want them to feel satisfaction over a selection of factors. One factor is that it doesn’t put stress on their penises. As well as on the mistress where he should be.

Is this bad for you?

Ruined orgasm, good or bad

No. It won’t do anything damaging it just doesn’t feel really great. Due to the fact that you are not having a pleasant climax.

There’s also no better way to achieve a ruined climax. You have to understand your passive well to be able to really feel with your hand when it reaches that edge obviously. Never trust his expressions or what he says because with the face allowed he will try to get that slip to the side. Like everything else, you just need technique. You can also use prostate massage therapy in the same way.

What does a ruined orgasm do for a boy?

When a man’s climax is ruined, liquid (semen) is launched from his prostate gland, as usual, however, he does not feel the contraction that creates the “erupting” semen throughout a period. full climax.

As a result, her brain does not initiate any of the hormonal agents associated with post-orgasmic “stickiness”, such as prolactin and oxytocin. Dopamine levels remain high throughout his body. Unlike feeling slow and relaxed, he remains as excited as he is frustrated.

Some guys enjoy ruined climaxes, feeling they intensify the elements of teasing and denial of a forced chastity relationship. Others don’t like them and would do whatever they can to get a full climax as opposed to a climax.

Key holders, spend some time learning how your caged man feels about ruin to discover the perfect method to integrate them directly into your chastity dynamic. Are they a reward? A punishment? A bit of both? Something to amaze him so that he doesn’t end up being complacent by constantly achieving orgasm when you assure him that he will?

Experiment and find out what works for you!

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