What is fapping? Fapping definition.

Fapping is a polite way of saying about a man masturbating or jerking off while seeing pornography.

Why is the word Fap used when we have the word masturbation? What does fapping mean?

Fap is another word for “masturbate”, but why? that this is the result of the “fap fap fap” sound that is expected of it, but every time you do it, you make almost no sound. The only noise you make is your blanket moving and maybe moaning.

Origin of the word Fap | What does fap mean?

He is the originator of the “Sexy Losers” webcomic. https://www.sexylosers.com/comic/003/
Webcomic has no sound. So to share the meaning of “masturbation appears”, they just made up an absurd word.

Fapping vs Masturbation

In terms of male sex, there is no difference between these two (Fapping & Masturbation).

In short, the word Fapping is only used for men. But, the word Masturbation can be used for both men and women.
If you got my point, give a smile and thank you… ☻

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