What to text a girl to make her smile

Here are 26 texts to make her smile:

  1. I didn’t smile much before I met you.
  2. God, your laughter is amazing.
  3. I really felt a little bad today, but you suddenly changed me.
  4. You are my favorite human being in the world.
  5. Stop thinking about me, I sting.
  6. Don’t look, I’m changing.
  7. Hey gorgeous. I hope today is even better than yesterday.
  8. I really try to eliminate the need to make you the happiest woman in the world.
  9. I probably saw the doctors today and they informed me that I am not taking vitamin “U”.
  10. I looked for a word in the thesaurus that explains how beautiful you are.
  11. I’m so in love with you.
  12. You are my Everything.
  13. If you were a vegetable, you would definitely be a “mignon-cumber”.
  14. You admit, I’ve had a crush on you for several years.
  15. I can’t stop thinking how extremely attractive you are.
  16. The only thing I intend to change about you is your last name.
  17. I am so excited to be living life with you.
  18. Your lips looked so lonely last night, do you think they would like to satisfy mine?
  19. Are you a fan of love at first sight? Or should I go again?
  20. Can I borrow a kiss? I guarantee that I will return it to you.
  21. Don’t you think we would look adorable together on a wedding cake?
  22. I had a dream about you last night, and I wanted to know if you were fantasizing about me too.
  23. We are a great team together.
  24. When I think of you, my defeated heart fills my ears.
  25. You are on my mind every day. I can’t stop looking at you.
  26. Woman, you’ve been spending so much time on my mind, I should charge you rent.

Other ways to make him smile:

1. A stupidly simple method to make women smile:

Perhaps the easiest idea of ​​texting for men to use that is sure to put a smile on a woman’s face almost every time is called “The Odd Time Technique”. All you have to do is suggest a weird time to put your texts together for the girls. For example, if she says “let’s get it done at 6:00 am”, you can respond by saying “it’s too early, let’s do 6:03 am”. This little play is a simple method to get a girl to smile.

Make her smile with playful labels:

A great way to make a girl smile on text is to use fun and lively labels. The main thing in finding a good nickname for a girl is to take advantage of it. If you imagine a label for a woman that makes you smile, chances are it will definitely make her smile too.

Tags for texting girls: Girl Scout, smurfette, rubber duck, Snuggles McGee, honey cookie, sparkly princess, sexy pants, sex kitten. If you can’t think of a nickname to message the girl, keep in mind that you can constantly recruit her to help.

Try texting the lady something like “Hmm, I really need a nickname for you…” and also see what she creates. It can also be a great way to start fun and teasing conversations with girls.

3. Make her smile (without being funny):

Make her smile (without being funny)

There are also ways to make a woman smile over a text without making her laugh. Brushing her ego, for example, won’t make a woman laugh, but it will definitely make a woman smile and feel really good about herself (the ability to make a woman feel good about herself is important in developing attraction with women). Texting a woman in a way that caresses her vanity can be as easy as letting her know that she’s on your mind. People like to find out for themselves and if she understands that you are thinking about her in a positive way, it will make her smile and feel really good about herself.

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