When a guy says you are amazing what does it mean?

If a guy recently called you awesome, you might be wondering why and what that could mean about how he feels about you.

This blog post will show you a number of reasons why he could have called you amazing and also why other guys might do the same in the future.

Why will a guy call you awesome?

Each of the different factors that a man is sure to call you amazing will likely include a variety of clues as to how he says it as well as the body movement he shows.

Below I will mention a variety of factors that a guy will definitely call you amazing, the indicators to try to find and also the important things to consider.

1. He wanted you to feel a lot better:

Maybe He could have claimed it since He assumed you were sad then and was trying to make you feel better.

2. He is attracted to you:

The factor he called you amazing could be that he’s attracted to you and intended to see how you would certainly react.

3. He is grateful for something:

The factor he called you exceptional could be that he was trying to show that he was genuinely grateful for something you did for him.

4. It lets you down easily:

However, if he says something like, “I think you are fantastic, yet…” It may mean that he is trying to make you understand that he is not passionately interested in you.

5. He’s trying to get Brownie points:

Or maybe he pissed you off recently. He might have done something that hurt your feelings, and now he’s trying to apologize by giving praise like this on you.

6. He considers you a good friend:

Perhaps the reason he pretended he considers you a friend.

7. He declares it very naturally:

This can be the situation where he used to often say fantastic.

8. He loves you more than a friend:

There might be an opportunity that he calls you awesome because he has actually started having heavy feelings for you. He suddenly understood that he really loved you.

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