When you feel a connection with someone do they feel it too

Loving someone you are not sure you love back can be a nerve-wracking experience. Everyone has wondered at some point in their life, “Did my crush come to me too”? It is a legitimate concern, even if it is posed with such frustrating desperation.

1. Their eyes say it all:

They don’t just consider you, they SEE you. For every little thing that you are as good as you could be, when their eyes are on you, it’s like the whole world could end and you would still be okay.

2. The comfort is unmatched:

You won’t have sweaty hands and your heart will race when you are with the individual you have a real connection with because they immediately put you at ease with who you are. Typically there is an air of anxiety when meeting someone new, however, that person just seems to have that “I feel like I’ve known you all my life” vibe.

3. Behavior a little too pleasant:

They try to please you all the time

Well, there are the practices of understanding, and after that, there are some friendly practices a little as well. The latter, more often than not, has a hidden meaning. If someone is a little this nice to you, it suggests that they want you to be more than just friends with you. They can make jokes or say the strangest shit to get your attention because they love you and also want you to acknowledge their existence.

4. Sexual attraction is like Whoa:

You can be sexually attracted to any kind of pretty face when the mood hits you, but when you’re with someone and there’s a much deeper connection between the two of you, that sexual attraction doesn’t. no need for time or place. They might be doing one of the most non-sexual and ridiculous things and you’ll still feel a little tingling downstairs.

5. Their oddities match yours:

They make weird accents for no obvious reason, however, for some factor you like it. None of their traits seem to bother you because you are just as weird as them. And not only do you like their eccentricities, you also have the same kind of quirk. It boils down to being able to be incredibly loathsome to each other and when the true connection is there it just helps to solidify that connection.

6. Silence is never awkward:

When you’re with someone you have a real connection with, silence doesn’t need to be loaded with arbitrary chatter. The simple fact of being in their existence is a comfort of its own. You can talk for hours, but you can also be together without saying a word and there is no anxiety indicator because the silence is too loud. It is truly a welcome calm that feels like a residence when no words are spoken.

7. You integrate effortlessly:

When they put their hand in yours or their arm around your shoulders while listening to the latest show on Netflix, it just adapts. There is no need to change as it is as if their body has been made in an ideal percentage compared to yours. Every touch feels natural.

8. You never questioned your feelings for them:

You never question your feeling

There will constantly be times when your true connection bores you, which is great. However, not as soon as you don’t get along, don’t stop to review how you really feel about them. It is never a problem. Despite how much they piss you off or make points that you think are stupid, you can barely stay mad with them for so long because of how much greater there is than bad.

9. They inspire you to be better:

The things you’ve always put on the back burner since there was never enough time suddenly become priorities. When you have a deep connection with a person, that level of fulfillment ends up spreading to other places in your life because you always want to be the best version of yourself.

10. You don’t need to think before you speak:

Often times people will definitely believe before they send a message or before they say something. With a real link, this is not necessary. You say the first thing that comes to your mind and the other person responds with the first thing that comes straight into theirs. The conversation therefore proceeds normally, it becomes learned behavior and can also go from a one-minute joke to a deep and thoughtful sequel.

11. Long-term eye contact:

One of the most common identifiers of mutual attraction is extended eye appeal. When someone is curious about you or thinks of you regularly, they usually look at you with that piercing and intense gaze. In some cases, it even surrounds goosebumps.
However, at the end of the day, it just suggests that the person who is watching you intently is really inside you and waiting for you to investigate.

12. Determination to spend a lot of time:

spend more time with your partner

Some people like our business. They constantly call us whenever they need help or want to go out casually. Yet when someone other than a friend or relative, especially a potential partner, wants to savor our business on a regular basis, it indicates something completely different. It suggests that they enjoy spending time with you because they love you. They would rather sit in silence with you than watch a movie or go out with close friends and also have a good time as they consider you more crucial than “any other good friend”.

13. Anxiety:

The nervousness throughout the conversation is another revelation. If someone continually stutters or swallows or catches their breath while talking to you, it indicates your existence is agitating them, which is constantly an indication of mutual attraction which I indicate, come on, they have nothing to fear from you . You don’t intimidate them, yet they portray this exceptional behavior? Well, that’s because their heart rate goes up, and their throats dry up, both signal destination.

Last word:

Whatever the instance, they are irresistibly drawn to you. You would be a fool not to understand this. They most likely have feelings for you that they are not yet ready to reveal. Maybe they’re waiting for you to take the very first step.

So if you have doubts whether someone is attracted to you or not, try to come up with some refined behavioral clues, and you will definitely get your solution.

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