Why do girls call their boyfriends daddy

You are not yet married but someone (your girlfriend) calls you daddy. Or, your wife who is sleeping with you suddenly starts calling you daddy. These situations seem a bit awkward but are real situations. She says this because she sees you as a boss, protector, or dominant. She didn’t mean you are the father of her family. She just wants to show that she is submissive to you. Daddy is just an animal name here, no more than that.

This is just a short answer. Let me describe it in detail and show you the ways you can answer it.

what does dad mean in a relationship

Dad means in a relationship

In a relationship, the word daddy doesn’t mean you are her real daddy (mom’s husband). This is just an animal name given to you. That word from daddy in a relationship shows power. When she thinks that you are protective, caring and responsible, she will call you daddy. It’s not all girls but some girls who use it to make you feel more powerful.

If she calls you daddy, that doesn’t mean she is fantasizing about her daddy in you. I’m not saying it’s not possible but the odds are very low. She just wants you to take matters into your own hands. Usually dad shows the dominant character. And if she calls you daddy, she just wants you to be dominated. There can be many possible reasons why she calls you daddy. Here are a few of them.

Possible reasons why your daughter calls you daddy

1. Because she likes it

Girls call their boyfriend by many lovely and weird animal names like baby, honey, boho, sona, cute and etc. So, it’s possible that she saw him in a movie that this girl calls her daddy. And she thought it was sexy or romantic. So she wants to try this for you. She likes it and wants to call you daddy. I know that’s a strange animal name to call. But don’t worry, she doesn’t make you the daddy of her family.

It’s just a cute animal name for her. By the way, it’s up to you to decide whether you like it or not. If you don’t like it, you can stop it. If she stopped it would be a miracle. 😉 Because girls never understand anything. At least mine never. 😉

2. She thinks that turns you on

Lit man

You know, a lot of men get turned on by that little word “daddy”. She could have heard it in any movie, magazine or her friend. And she thinks it will work the same on you. Maybe her friend calls her boyfriend by this animal name and her boyfriend is turned on by it. So she suggested your daughter try this and your baby does this to turn you on.

If you like it, it’s fantastic. And if you don’t like her, let her know you don’t like her. If you don’t tell her, she will continue to think that you like her. And she will keep telling you that. So, you better let her know what your choice is and she will find something else for you.

3. She saw it in a porn video

Almost the entire generation of today who has access to a smartphone / tablet / PC and an internet connection is inspired by porn videos. These videos look so appealing that people start to think that every act is real. And that is exactly their intention. These videos are meant to please and draw you in to get used to them.

So, it is possible that your daughter has one of the videos in which a daughter screams the word daddy. And that made her think it was sexy. Don’t be surprised that she’s watching porn. It’s not just for guys. These are made for both. So, it’s possible that she thought it was sexy and started calling you daddy. Now it’s all up to you whether you like it or not.

4. You are the father of her children

If your wife called this word out on the bed and you already have kids, she might be calling it because you are her children’s daddy. She doesn’t mean you’re her daddy. She means her kids call you daddy and so she called that. She means that you are the daddy and that she is the mom. By the way, if your wife calls you daddy, don’t worry because it’s a sensual word if your wife calls you.

5. You are very protective and caring towards her

Protective and caring partner

You know what all dads do. They protect us and take care of us. Whenever a child is with his father, he feels protected and safe. And it may be the possibility that she calls you daddy. If you are very protective and caring towards her, it reminds her of her daddy. And so she calls you daddy. But don’t be confused by the fact that she makes you her father. She calls you daddy just to show that she feels safe with you. There is nothing to do with his family daddy.

A lot of guys start to think that his daughter has a fantasy of sleeping with her father. But don’t doubt her like that. This thing has very few possibilities and you shouldn’t think like that. She loves you and wants to show you that she has confidence in you that you will take care of her.

6. You are dominant in bed

You know, a lot of girls like to be submissive when it comes to sexual intimacy. These girls love to surrender to their partners on the bed. So there are possibilities that your daughter is submissive. And she loves the game of submission / domination. She loves it when you dominate her in your private time. But that doesn’t mean that she gives you permission to be dominant all the time.

This offer is for private time only. She calls you daddy because daddy shows the power of the master. And she wants you to be her master during sex. She can tease you by calling daddy in a public place just to tease you. So if she likes to call you daddy and likes to be submissive, then take advantage. There is nothing to fear… only things to enjoy. 😉

How to react when a girl calls you daddy

Answer when your daughter calls you daddy

When suddenly you hear the word from your girlfriend / wife then suddenly the mind is blocked. Men start to think that if she calls me daddy, what should I call her. Should you call her daughter. Seriously no, never use that word if she calls you daddy. It’s a big mood spoiler.

But the points which move in the brain of the man are “if I am his daddy then finally she becomes my daughter”. Let me tell you one thing. You are not her real father and she is not your daughter. She uses this word because she just wants to romanticize the mood. There are a lot of great lines that can drive her crazy for a while.

If she calls you daddy, you can use some of the lines below.

  1. First, the most important point to keep in mind is “don’t call her daughter”.
  2. If she gets romantic and calls you daddy, you can say, “Daddy loves you.” Girls love this line because they want to be loved.
  3. If you are on the bed and you fuck each other and she calls you daddy, then you can say, “You make daddy feel good”.
  4. If she calls you daddy in a public place, you can use “Baby girl” for her. That little word can drive her crazy.

These are just a few of the more commonly used responses to the word daddy. But you can find yours that suits you the best, because there are many awesome sexy words still available in this world.

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