Why do guys stay in touch with their ex-girlfriends

You started dating a guy and later found out that he was still in touch with his ex-girlfriend. And then a question arises in your mind. What the hell, why is he still in touch with her? Do not get angry, this is normal and there could be several reasons for this. This most common reason is as follows. Guys keep in touch with their ex-girlfriends because they want to keep a backup. When they become single, they can resume the relationship with her. Or, if you have an opportunity, hang on with it.

I know it’s scary but it’s a reality. And girls do the same with their exes. Don’t think now that your guy is cheating on you. There are many other reasons for this as well. Above I mentioned is the most common. Your guy can be a good person. So here are the most common reasons men stay in touch with their exes.

Reasons he keeps in touch with his ex:

1. They just stay in touch with each other

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In the relationship, we share beautiful memories. And after a breakup, it’s hard to forget them. So this can be his case. Maybe he has memories he can’t forget. And it may be the same on the other side. So in this situation, it is a little hard to forget yourself even when you are in a relationship. Thus, they can be in informal contact with each other.

2. They are friends now

Not every breakup is bad. A lot of guys are breaking away from everyone’s concerns. So, in this type of breakup, they became good friends. Because they know each other very closely, they understand each other and become good friends.

It’s also possible that they were first friends and then they formed a relationship. And noting that they worked with each other later, they became friends again. Whatever the story, but the bottom line is that they are friends now (only friends). A man and a woman can be friends.

3. Your boyfriend has mutual friends with his ex

If he had a girlfriend whose friends are his friend. Then this situation can be a little difficult to make the distance between them. Because even when they don’t want to know each other, they will hear it. They both have mutual friends. And they will make them know one another. Because all friends are assholes. They love to make fun of their friends.

So, don’t worry, because chances are they won’t like each other. But they have to be in touch with each other because their friends do. So, finally, they decided to be just friends.

4. He still loves her

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This is one of the most common reasons. And the best chance of it is when his ex has broken up with him. But don’t worry because you’ll never know (at least there’s a very low chance) that she broke up with him. Because women never blame them. So, you might know that your guy broke up with his ex-girlfriend. And yet we humans are called dogs.

So if that’s the case that she broke up with him, it’s possible that your guy still loves her. To verify this, just look at his facial expressions when he hears about his ex’s boyfriend. How happy is she with her ex-boyfriends? These types of things will suddenly change his facial expression.

5. He can reconnect

As I already said above, he is in contact with his ex-girlfriend so that he can reconnect with her. He is in touch with her and is waiting for the right time. A moment when she becomes emotional and he will benefit perfectly.

For example, just take an ideal condition where her ex’s boyfriend cheated on her. This situation is perfectly ideal for connecting. So if he’s in contact with her, there’s a good chance he’ll want to reconnect.

6. He is connected to his family

Have you ever heard of this type of relationship where their families already know each other? I bet you’ve seen a lot of it. So if he was in that type of relationship where he already knows his ex-girlfriend’s family, then it’s a little hard not to get in touch. So if this is the situation then don’t doubt him because he could be a good guy. He just has no other option to be in touch with his ex-girlfriend.

7. The guy is always attracted to his ex

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If his ex-girlfriend was super sexy, he’s still obsessed with her. We humans visualize creatures. We love to visualize our past moments. And if his ex was that hot, I can even imagine how hot he can be on the bed. I just want to say that he misses the time with his ex on the bed. And he always wants to do the same. And that’s why he’s in contact with her. Be patient and wait for the right chance to get fucked again.

8. So He can resume the relationship with her (just as a safeguard)

This is the most common reason men keep in touch with their ex-girlfriends. Because they keep a backup plan ready. If they become single again, they can easily resume a relationship. Because no one likes to be single and lonely. This case is not just about boys, girls are doing the same.

No doubt they can have a relationship with another girl. There are many of them on this earth. So why still her ex? The simple answer is that a new girl will take time. But if it’s the ex, then they already know each other. She already knows the guy. So it is very easy to get in and lie down on the bed (comparing the new one).

9. He wants to make her jealous

If your guy had a really bad breakup with her and she left him just for something he didn’t have at the time like money, body, success etc. So he’s in touch with her just to show her what he has now. He has succeeded or is trying to achieve it, then he can show him what he is now. If so, don’t doubt it. Instead, help him achieve what he wants.

What you need to take care of

you have to take care of

You have now seen all the possible reasons he is in contact with his ex. And you will see here that some reasons are acceptable but some are risky. These reasons may delight you.

The problem here is that you can’t directly ask him why he’s doing it? Because he will never tell you the truth. And if he is telling the truth, there is no guarantee that he is true. And asking her will affect your relationship as well. So what is the solution to this?

I have a perfect solution for this. What if he starts to think only of you and never thinks of anyone else? What if you had an ultimate power that would keep him obsessed with you? Yes, it is possible and he will think only of you. Check out the article below to drive him crazy for you and keep him obsessed with you until you want him to.

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