Why do I sleep better with my boyfriend?

Habit is such a bad thing that it doesn’t allow you to change yourself. And a lot of women have the problem of getting used to their boyfriend while they are sleeping. And when suddenly, when you have to do something about it, you can’t sleep without it. So, here I will try to answer the reasons why this is happening. And give you the solutions to fall asleep when your boyfriend is not with you.

You cannot sleep without your boyfriend because you love him and have affection for him. Sometimes it happens because of the fear of something. You always sleep together, so it has built a habit. And now when you try to sleep without it, you try to break that habit, which makes it difficult.

The above is the basic reason why it seems difficult to always sleep with your boyfriend but suddenly have to sleep without him. It’s all the play of habit and many other things. So below I have explained everything that is important for you to know. There are also a few tips that can help fall asleep when he’s not with you.

Reasons why you can’t sleep without your boyfriend.

1. Fear of something

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The number one reason you can’t sleep when your boyfriend is away from you is your fear. It can be fear of everything. Maybe you are afraid of the dark. Or you are afraid of something else entirely. Many girls are afraid of being alone. So you can be one of them.

The reason can be anything. The main point here is that you are afraid. So there is a lot you can do about it. You can keep your lights on. Your best friend can sleep in your room. Install security cameras to feel safe. Keep an animal with you. Pets are the best solution for solitude.

2. Affection with your boyfriend

The other biggest reason it’s hard to sleep without him is love. Affection with him. The love and care you receive while you sleep. Do you know why a baby cannot live without its mom? Because of love. No one can love a baby more than their mom. And for this reason, a baby cares for his mother and always tries to be with her.

Such is the nature of the living being that wherever he receives love he becomes accustomed to it. You get love while you have sex with your boyfriend. Now, subconsciously, you are looking for that love. Now you need that feeling every time you are about to go to bed. And when your boyfriend isn’t with you, it becomes hard to sleep because you don’t get that love anywhere.

A simple solution for this is to call your man while you are sleeping. And tell him to be on call if he’s free while you sleep. It will help you a lot to sleep alone as it will give you the same loving feeling when he is with you on the bed.

3. Feeling of not being protected

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There is another form of fear called unprotected or unprotected. Feeling of not being protected from the outside world. Fear of being robbed or fear of thieves. It makes you a little uncomfortable. And this discomfort creates stress because you have to take care of yourself.

If you are in a common family, this is not the reason. But if you are alone, this can be one of the reasons why it becomes difficult to sleep alone. You can do this by calling your friend and telling her to stay overnight. You just need someone to relax you.

4. Change of routine

We humans don’t like to leave our safe zone. And that’s why we don’t like changes. We want everything to be stable. Everything should be the same. No changes required. But as we see that something is changing and you have to adapt to something new, you get uncomfortable. And this change in routine makes it difficult to sleep alone without your boyfriend.

5. The protective feeling that concerns him

You already know this feeling. You just don’t know that it works here as well. It is the feeling of protection for your boyfriend. Thinking he should be safe and always with you. You can identify this feeling through your behavior. Whether or not you still think he took his food. He is doing well or not. You always call him to know him. So you protect him.

Many women become protective in another sense. Another meaning is, to think that your boyfriend is with another girl right now. You can be on the defensive about what I’m talking about against the women’s community. And if you don’t think like that, that’s a good thing. But I say this in the name of my past experience.

My ex was like that. She was so protective that if she found out that I was going to sleep with my friend (male friend). Then she starts to think what if I lie in the LGBT category? What if I do something with my friend? So I’m just saying that there are many ways to get protection. And only you will know which direction you are going. So, if you can’t sleep when your boyfriend is not with you, that might be one reason.

That’s why you sleep better with your boyfriend

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The main reason you sleep better with your boyfriend is emotional. It’s because you love him. And when you share your bed with your partner to sleep together, it strengthens your relationship. I am not saying this alone.

This is the result found in research by Dr Henning Drews, resident and post-doctoral researcher at the Center for Integrative Psychiatry in Kiel, Germany. He said if you want to share your bed with your partner, there is nothing against it. In fact, it is more advantageous.

the Wall Street newspaper says that sleeping together in a healthy relationship lowers the level of cortisol (a stress hormone). It also reduces cytokines, involved in inflammation. And it stimulates oxytocin, the so-called love hormone, known to relieve anxiety. This hormone is produced in the same part of the brain responsible for the sleep-wake cycle. So for these reasons, you sleep better with your boyfriend.

Ways to fall asleep when your boyfriend is not with you:

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You are used to sleeping with your boyfriend. But it becomes difficult to sleep when he is not with you. So, I have found some ways that will help you get a good night’s sleep in this situation.

1. Use weighted blankets

You sleep very well with your boyfriend because his body gives you a warm feeling. So if you need that warm feeling and you need something to hold you up while you sleep, a weighted blanket is a good option. Good quality weighted masking gives you a pleasant feeling of warmth. And it also makes you feel like someone is holding you while you sleep because they are being weighed.

If you want to buy a weighted blanket, then this Cool Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket may be an ideal solution for you.

2. Use a body pillow

A body pillow is another great option when trying to sleep on your own. A body pillow is big enough to hold. It will give you the feeling that you are holding your boyfriend. Just close your eyes and imagine your boyfriend sleeping next to you. Hold it and sleep. If you don’t have a body pillow, this body pillow is a good option for you.

Pro tip: Use your boyfriend’s aftershave or deodorant on your body pillow. It will give you a familiar feeling that goes with you.

3. Use his photograph

Did you know that in the olden days lovers used the photo of their partner to feel together? If this trick worked then, it may also work now. So try to go old school and give it a try. If it worked that’s great and not then look for the next point.

4. Sleep while on call

sleeping wife while boyfriend on call

It works most of the time because you hear his voice. You can feel the sound of his breath. And it gives a strong feeling that you are sleeping with your boyfriend. If you want to make it more real, follow the step below.

  • Take a body pillow.
  • Put on your boyfriend’s aftershave and place it on the pillow.
  • Plug in your headset and call it.
  • Close your eyes and sleep while on call.

Caution: Only do this when your boyfriend is free to do so. If he’s at an important job or attending an important meeting, don’t force him to do it.

5. Sleep music

Sleep music also works best in this situation. If your boyfriend is busy and can’t be called while you sleep, you should try some sleep music. Just follow the step above, but instead of calling, use the sleep music. If you have a good collection of sleep music, that’s great. Play them and close your eyes. But if you don’t have a sleepy music collection, you should try Amazon music unlimited.

Sign up for the Amazon Music free trial here.

6. Make your pet sleep with you

If you have a pet, you are in luck because it is a good stress reliever. Allow your dog, cat, rabbit whatever your animal to sleep with you. It will give the feeling that someone you trust is with you. Your pet can feel this empty space at night to make you feel comfortable.

7. Training

One of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep is to exhaust your body. When you are completely exhausted, you fall asleep very easily. And doing physical labor will help here. You can train to completely exhaust your body. And when you are tired, you will sleep so fast that not even you will recognize it. So, start moving your body to sleep well at night.

So, this is the information that I think will help you. But I think there can be many other ways to easily fall asleep.

If you know of a better one, let us know in the comment. We thank you.

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