Why does he text me every day if he only wants friendship? 13 clear reasons!

There comes a day in every girl’s life when she has to ask herself, “Why is he texting me if he’s not interested?” Men sometimes make moves that are not so easy to discuss. Sometimes they text you because you are their best friend. They want your close friendship rather than any king of the girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.

Texting you, despite having said or shown in a way they are not interested in, falls into this category. Relationships between men and women are never very easy just because we are different sexes. Dark texts can make the points even more difficult. It is very difficult to understand the relationship between a boy and a girl.

So here are 13 clear reasons, why texting every day if it just wants your friendship. Without talking too much, let’s start

1. Maybe he doesn’t know what he wants:

He wants a connection, but he’s afraid of becoming too connected. He wants you in his life, but he can’t call you his partner. Boys are very shy of girls while showing their feelings towards any girl. They don’t want to lose you in some stupidity. Sometimes he wants you for life, but they ignore it because they are afraid to express what will happen if you react or do not understand his feelings.

2. He has just left a relationship:

newly released from a relationship

When a man comes out of a relationship, especially a long-term one, he’s not nearly ready to start something new or make some real dedication. He’s just tired of the relationship; usually this happens if a past relationship is not going well. He wants a little relaxation at this point.

3. You are his backup plan:

If things with an additional girl aren’t working out, you’re her next alternative or one of her next choices. The indicators will be obvious:

  • He sends texts every now and then and also not on a regular basis;
  • He never has time to go out when you want to, basically never, so he comes when it’s most convenient for him;
  • You see her text message list is long and filled with female names when you look at her phone while you socialize.
  • He just wants to relax with you as an alternative.
  • They have more options and they don’t understand which one is perfect for him.
  • He tries to spend time with you to find out more about you.

4. Something big is holding him back:

He has actually already rejected you logically. Something about the relationship feels really bad, whether it is a lack of destination or incompatibilities in lifestyle or financial resources, and even just her parents opposing the future marriage. However, the factor is that he continues to obsessively text you because he can’t quite let go. Don’t judge them because his past relationship wasn’t very good and he can’t trust any girl at this point. In fact, it is not a question of trust; he doesn’t want a relationship right now.

5. He put you in the friend zone:

you are in the friend zone

And that’s the zone you really don’t want to be. However, it looks like you’re stuck there. It sends you a message looking for a listening ear. He even asks about topics that you don’t intend to answer – maybe they have something to do with his ex, his current or future sweetheart. They just want you to be a friend with benefits because when they feel lonely or sometimes broken they will contact you and try to have fun with you.

6. He’s just nice:

allow us to review the rare treasure of a man who really wants you as a friend and feels poor that the two of you are not compatible. He sends you a message, not necessarily because he really feels needed, but much more like he just intends to make sure you’re okay. He feels you are in distress and wants to help you. Yet he cannot commit to you for any kind of a number of factors. The partnership is doomed to fail, but you still have to text you because they feel like you need someone today.

7. He likes concentration:

Narcissistic guys will definitely always crave focus. Flirting with you, even if it’s just false hopes, gives them the adrenaline rush they want, without really fully engaging. Guys who like focus communicate to you normally when they’re excited, lonely, or when they have absolutely nothing else to do. You are a great boost to these people and they feel a lot better when you respond in a feminine way to their little five minute schedule.

8. He just flirts:

For some people, flirting is just part of their characters. They can’t help him. It comes naturally to them. They can be a couple or married, but they want to be noticed by other women. This type of person never expects any relationship; they just want to have fun with any girl. Don’t think too hard if you’ve found him with another girl with the same demeanor.

9. He is alone:

lonely man

Besides monotony, loneliness can be one of the big reasons he keeps texting you even if he says or shows in some other way that he is not interested in. He tries to avoid his loneliness by texting you. He has no friends to have fun. At this point of this guy, they just want someone to avoid their loneliness. To avoid their isolation, they try to talk to you or text you every day for no good reason.

10. He is a player:

He’s just used to playing games with women, and you’re not the exemption. It does not always mean that it is not in you, but that it takes its time to arrive.

11. He’s texting you because he’s bored:

It’s as simple as that. Even though it might sound silly, some people do things like this. He has absolutely nothing better to do, and your number is always comfortably on his phone.

12. He wants an increase in ego:

Men are inclined to seek the approval of their friends. So you could just be one of those women who make him great in front of his friends. It is also associated with their self-esteem – it may not be that high, so they look for ways to enhance their self-esteem.

13. He finds you fascinating:

He finds you fascinating

He’s texting you. You are nice to talk to, you have a great bone, you make him laugh, and you constantly have witty remarks.

Last word:

Now you have an idea to find out exactly why they usually text you every day if they just want your friendship. Everyone has a different situation and sometimes we don’t understand.

By the way, we men are a little different creatures. Sometimes what we are showing is not the reality. We want something else and to show something else. So, it’s a little hard to guess what exactly we want. But there are many points that can help you understand men.

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