Why my boyfriend can only come with his hand? With expert solutions!

Many men under the age of 35 may come into their hands of something they see on a screen or something in their memory financial institution that they saw on a screen. Young men grew up with Internet pornography. He actually destroyed them for sex. They can’t please a lady. And they cannot be satisfied with women. Only the screenshots will certainly make them cum. And their only sexual repertoire is to stroke their own cock. Internet pornography has spoiled the sexual capacity and sexual expression of my own sex.

It could be related to an infection or a wellness issue:

It could be a possible sign of a prostate infection or urinary tract infection, although those details and certain issues might not be the only symptom he sees. Lack of ability to orgasm during sex can also occur in men with nerve damage, neurological disorders, heart disease, or particular hormonal disorders (such as hypothyroidism or low testosterone). If this is a relatively recent problem for them and if they are worried, you can ask them to take a general checkup to see that everything is still working as it should.

He may be masturbating too much:

too much masturbation

This is usually the problem. Especially if the way your guy goes off on his own is hard to replicate with you – like tons of pressure from a really tight hand or at high speed. He becomes conditioned to a specific type of manipulation that allows him to enjoy the experience lost when he is with a partner. Basically her body is used to something, and without it it’s harder for her to come.

Remember: That doesn’t mean there’s some wrong fucking lonely thing with your vagina; it just indicates that he may have unintentionally educated his cock to react much better to his own fist. It’s on him, not on you. Your vaginal area is amazing, and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or poor about it either. An additional opportunity could be that he is simply getting out of breath too regularly: if he has already had an orgasm twice today, it will take a lot longer for him to find the third time – even if it is with you at the same time. instead of his hand.

He drank:

From your letter, it doesn’t seem like this is your problem, but it’s worth clarifying. Alcohol isn’t just a great boner, it can also make climax harder. So if it’s something that, since you think about it, only happens after a night out, the alcohol might be to blame.

He could also enjoy a little excessive porn:

Enjoying a little excessive porn can cause the problem

This goes hand in hand with the concern for self-pleasure that we just mentioned, but this time we are talking about mental conditioning, instead of physical conditioning. Plus, it doesn’t apply to porn stars making unrealistic assumptions about what a woman’s body should look like; what is most likely is that her habit of changing between 10, 20, or 30 (or more) increasingly harsh and also hardcore sex acts browser tabs over a short period of time could simply reform a little his sexual reaction. A lot of porn can have a desensitizing result when it over-stimulates your dopamine levels and also makes you want to be aroused more and more. This makes it more difficult to experience pleasure with a lower level of arousal. Like a human person in the flesh.

Remember: Many people can enjoy and enjoy porn without negative effects, and this is definitely not the situation for everyone. BUT it can undeniably play a role in some people’s sexual dysfunction. Just as if your man really enjoys his XTube, it might be worth talking to him about how he influences your privacy.

Now the question arises here: What if you can’t make your partner orgasm?

Ask him to teach you:

If you both want to learn exactly how you can help her orgasm, I highly recommend asking her to show you her particular strategy. Start by appreciating it very closely. What hand does he mainly use? What is the other hand doing? Where is he touching? How is he? What kind of stress does he use? And the price? Tell him, “I intend to learn what you like. Can you show me? ”Ask him to define his techniques in even more detail. Try placing your hand on his and really feel how he is moving as well as what he is doing. When you take control, ask him comments. Ask questions like “faster or slower?” “Mostly pressure?” and also “which component should I focus on?”

Don’t shame him:

don't shame him

I wanted to commend you for not making your guy feel really poor in the face of the reality that you were unable to make him cum. Many people take these types of circumstances personally and are also anxious when their partner experiences “efficiency” issues. In the technique of sex therapy, the information reveals that many people have problems with effectiveness, and one of the most difficult parts of their experience is the reaction of their mates. Taking it directly is completely mistaken and makes relaxation much more difficult for the individual.

Discover other ways to get involved:

Here are some concepts on ways you can be involved as it ends:

  • Talk dirty with him
  • Put on an attractive outfit for him
  • Dance for him
  • Hold your hand on hers
  • Kiss him
  • Touching various other parts of his body
  • Make eye contact with him
  • Ask if he intends to be available in your mouth or on your body

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