Why No Matches On Tinder?Top 8 Reasons

The lives of countless singles (mostly men) who invest hours to experience this tinder match! But life isn’t always fair and what’s even worse than an app to tell you about it. Due to the fact that your average looking friend just returned from a date with a woman he was matched with on Tinder, baffled. Here’s what’s wrong if you find yourself swiping right, but don’t get any matches on Tinder. No need to worry as we cover almost everything related to Tinder Match in this article. Below are the top 10 reasons why you are not getting any matches on Tinder.

Reason 1: your profile is not attractive

Try to improve your profile, especially your photos, using the tips below:

  1. Make the first photos look real and natural.
  2. Show your face (recommended for your main photo).
  3. Take the last photo with groups or with an activity.
  4. Show off some activities that appeal to you, such as adapting new trends, exploring places and more.

Try to avoid things:

  • Don’t use bad images to fill all available slots.
  • Don’t use too many filters on your image
  • Try not to take (mirror) selfies because everyone else does.
  • Try to avoid any “controversial” element in your photos.
  • Be accompanied by a member of the opposite sex (outside a group)

Reason 2: your account is buggy

There are many reasons your account is buggy, some of the reasons are below:

  • You created a Tinder account by providing a temporary or virtual number.
  • Maybe you tried to fake your position or change it too quickly.
  • You have been flagged as a spammer.

Note: By resetting your account this issue will be resolved.

Reason 3: You may be too demanding

In general, when humans don’t get the result, they will be more aggressive. So it is possible that you have totally excluded from your league and rejected anyone who has hit you directly. Try to reduce your needs, but don’t just spam everyone if necessary. If you had matches and they suddenly stopped coming. Chances are, you did something to piss off Tinder’s algorithm.

Reason 4: you may want a result too quickly

Everything in this world takes its time to grow or develop, in this case this rule is also applied. You have to be patient.

Keep in mind that: Your match possibility will be increased because you will be shown in the lists of people who are looking for a match if you use the app daily. However, if you use it often, your visibility will decrease.

Reason 5: You may have a “bad ELO score

Since women don’t slide like men, it takes a long time for them to walk their line. Elo determines when your Tinder profile appears in the “queue” of male profiles that a girl must go through to reach you.

The longer you are in the queue, the better. Tinder actually has an algorithm called Elo. To make matters even more complicated, Elo will also determine if you appear in a female queue.

How to fix your bad ELO?

  • Swipe right only on girls you actually intend to message if you match. Otherwise, try not to spoil your luck.
  • Obviously, going from no match to a healthy profile won’t be quick. It will take time to correct your bad Elo rating. It is obviously worth it.

Reason 6: Your about page is not worth it.

Include a biography. Explain to yourself how you would do it in an elevator speech to the love of your life. Keep it simple, light and real. Inject your own fiery funny bone and have a great time with it.

Your bio section makes or breaks the sweep. Not everyone is Shakespeare when it comes to writing, but taking a little time and effort to improve your “About” area will make a world of distinction when it comes to getting more. of correspondence. A research study found that male Tinder profiles without a biography completed an average of 16 matches with women. But increased to 69 games when a bio was present.

Reason 7: You are sexual.

Being Sexual - Lovegrabber

Hey, that’s not something a lot of people are on Tinder for sex. Good for you if this is what you are looking for.
Not everyone likes to be explicit about it and some people even take offense. If you have any sexual innuendo in your bio, it might turn off a lot of people. Try to soften it up and see what happens.

Reason 8: You don’t stand out.

Be unique - Lovegrabber

Over 100 million active subscribers using Tinders, that’s one of the bad and great things about Tinder. Lots of users mean lots of opportunities, but with that comes more competition.

If you don’t get any matches, maybe you just passed out in the crowd. Take a great look at your profile, or take a look at some quick Tinder bios or dating photo tips mentioned above and see if you’re on the right track. You might just be fine tuning a few small adjustments to get quality matches.

his match-tinder-lovegrabber

Last words:

It can absolutely disappoint you when you are on a dating app and you are just out of luck. Even if you don’t get matches now on Tinder, it will. Make sure your profile and photos stay in good shape, try to implement the tips above, and be patient. It may take a while, but you will arrive. Good luck with your future match.

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