Why your girlfriend is talking to her ex behind your back

You are not one person who is going through this. It happens to almost every 10 guys who have been in a relationship. And most of them handle it badly. Most guys in this situation panic. They start snooping around, checking phones, arguing about it. And finally end with the broken relationship. There are many reasons your girlfriend talks to her ex. Maybe she’s just a friend with him, or he’s helping him move on. Or, it only cheats on you. But keep in mind that these are just a few possibilities.

You may be overthinking. And maybe you’ve found something that forces you to think high. So, you cannot ignore it. Yes, there are times when we cannot resist ourselves even though we want to. Believe me, I know that feeling. I am that guy who faced this problem in his 80% of relationships. I don’t know why but I still face this. Maybe this is my luck.

Yes, I believe in luck but not in God. 😉 But the best part is that almost all of these girls chose me over their ex. Even then, when they were connected to them. Some left without letting me know. I do not know why? But I don’t care about that. 🙂 So at today’s point I can say that I have a lot of experience that I can tell you what I do in these situations. So today we will know what may be the reason why she is talking to her ex-boyfriend. And what should you do in this situation?

Possible reasons why she does this to you

Man, like I said above, there can be a lot of reasons she does this. Some reasons may be good for you and some may be worse. The worst is already worse. And the good can also be worse if you start to doubt it. So in this situation, first check what is going on. And then take action. Until then, just be normal as if nothing had happened. Here are the possible reasons for this situation …

1. She’s just a normal friend to her

just friends

Today there are many types of relationships available in the market. casual, serious, lively and many more. Sounds funny to me. And one of them is being friends after the relationship. Many girls make boyfriends after they break up. This is only possible if they have broken gently. No action at the end. So if she’s one of those then you shouldn’t be thinking about the guy too much. Because these girls are finally giving a very popular dialogue. let me quote it “You are such a nice guy any girl will love to be with you 🙂”. I heard this phrase in my first relationship.

The main point here is don’t worry. If he had a daughter and your girlfriend casually talks to him, be fine with it. There is nothing to think about. But if you still think so much, I have a solution for you. Tell her you want to talk to her ex. Go talk to him and make a good friend of him. Show her that this girl is yours now.

Sorry, I missed something to mention. If she’s just a friend with him, she won’t hide it from you. She will clearly know that she is talking to him. If she does the opposite, there is something to think about.

2. She helps him move on

I have never experienced this but it is possible. She may help her move on. If they suddenly broke up and you walked over. But this poor guy is still affected by this breakup and your girlfriend is nice to him. Then it is possible that she will help him out. It is very difficult to get out of a girl who has broken up with you. And the only medicine for this girl is another girl. I bet you’ve heard the phrase “Iron cuts iron”. The same rule applies here.

So if this guy finds another girl, it is possible that she will leave your daughter. Think once, this is the perfect solution I can suggest to you. If you can find him a girl, your daughter will be safe. I know this is a fun but possible solution.

3. This guy is trying to get her back

man begging woman

This is the common thing most of the time. The girls move very fast, but the guys don’t. We guys get stuck in a relationship. And there can be the same condition. Your daughter may want to move on. But this guy doesn’t. And now he’s trying again on your daughter to come back. He will do his best to get it back. He will try to get your daughter emotional by talking about old memories. Force her back. And many times some guys start saying he’ll die if she doesn’t come back. It’s a type of blackmail but part of that process.

So, now in this situation, your daughter will decide the outcome. You can’t do anything here. I mean you can but not directly. I’ll tell you the best you can do here. But at the moment, your daughter has two options. If she will tell you about what is happening to her. If she tells you, you can directly take action and tell this guy that she is with you now.

And the other option is that she won’t tell you anything about it. She doesn’t want you to worry about this. And she wants to get by on her own. So here you can’t do anything. Wait and watch what she’s going to do. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t always ask him about it.
  • Try to be normal as if nothing had happened. Let her decide what she wants.
  • Show him that you trust him. It will create a feeling in her mind how much you trust her and help her choose you.
  • Try to make her happy because she really needs it now. When you make her happy, she can choose you because we humans are looking for the fun part.

The worst thing can happen here that she comes back to him, but the good thing is that she will never forget you. And she might get back to you. But if you have started arguing about it, she is sure to leave you.

4. You are not very connected with her

Not much connected

This guy was her boyfriend. And he spent more time with her than you. So, chances are he understands her a lot better than you do. So it is possible that she is sharing her feelings with him which you cannot understand. And if this is true, it is a very bad sign. If this happens early on, there is a higher chance that this relationship will not work. So in this case I will suggest trying to figure it out. Try to feel his emotions. What she likes and what else. How she reacts in different situations. There is a lot to know about her. Go read this open book and smell it.

5. She thinks she is cheating on you

The girl is cheating

This is the last and worst possibility. If she talks to her ex-boyfriend and hides it from you, that might be a reason to think twice. I know it’s hard to take but a hard truth. There can be many reasons why she does this. You might not be his type. Or, her ex suddenly got sexy and was successful. Or maybe she’s done with you and doesn’t want to be in a relationship either. By the way, the main point here is whether or not she’s cheating. Here are some points that will help you identify the current situation.

  • She talks to her ex but doesn’t want to accept it. And you find that from any credible source. First of all, confirm once the information is correct as that is a very big blame.
  • She spent a lot of time on her phone, typing and smiling and when you ask. Then she says nothing is there.
  • Suddenly she started to care a lot about her phone and not let you check it.
  • She ignores your call and always keeps busy on calls.
  • Whenever you choose the point of her ex-boyfriend. She suddenly becomes defensive and won’t let you talk about it.
  • She always keeps an eye on you like a spy. And she started to blame you for cheating on her. Yes it is true that when girls cheat they try to blame us. Because in my experience every girl tends to be innocent. And they’ll never show each other they’re the bad guy. They always create a condition where she seems to be in pain and you are a bad guy. Then she will try to blame you that you are cheating.

So by these little dots you can identify what is going on. But that is not the main problem. It’s just a part of our life. The main question to ask yourself is that she chooses another guy over you. Why? It’s because you’re a cat now. And all girls love someone who is the best. Read below what you can do in this situation.

What can you do if she is cheating

What can you do

So, now you are confirmed that she is trying to cheat on you. So there you have very little in your hands. It’s because here your opponent is his ex. And he knows your daughter from the past. He knows a lot about her that you don’t know. But here you can do some things that can stay on her mind. And you can be the first person she calls after she breaks up.

For now, you need to polish it. Don’t argue much about her ex-boyfriend. Try to be happy and cool even after getting to know your ex. And let her know by all means that you know she’s talking to her ex. Put all the control in his hand. Whether she chooses you or she chooses her ex. And tell her that you trust her and that she will do her best. Until then, don’t miss it. Fill the gap by taking advantage of a free cam site or find a new partner on a dating site.

I know you might be thinking what the shit I’m talking about. But it’s true my friend. If you follow this, chances are she can choose you. But you’ve started arguing so there’s a good chance she’ll pick her ex. And if she doesn’t choose you, you will be her first choice after her next breakup which is sure to happen.

Final blow: –

Here’s what you can do to get it back. But why this situation created? Why has this situation come about where she has to think about her ex?

It’s because you’re just a normal guy. And every girl loves a badass. Be someone who can catch any girl he wants. Don’t just wait for one and be nice. If you are a nice guy, there is very little chance that you will get a hot senorita. So now is the time to get bad. Check it out Badass training guide. And start having the girl you want and let her go where she wants.

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